Mini-Zoos-Online GamePlay:

Do you often go to the zoo? It’s an attractive place where kids and adults like to come to see different animals. You just move to a small town and there is no zoo here yet. You decided to open one. Mini-Zoos-Online is the latest simulation game that you can enjoy for free along with other fun games at action games. Here, you play as a start-up that will start with a mini farm. Your dream is to become the owner of a large zoo filled with different animals. This dream can come true if you are hard-working and if you have a clear and smart business plan.

Make sure that every choice and decision you make is well thought out. Your very first animal is a tiger. You build a house for it and feed it, clean its living environment. Visitors don’t want to see a tiger with a messy cage. You get money from the visitors and when you have enough money, you can buy more tigers or new animals such as lions, hippos, rhinos, and birds, or hire workers, as well as upgrade the Capacity Carry, and Moving Speed of the workers. A barn can hold more than one animal. In the beginning, you have to do all tasks by yourself because you can’t hire staff yet. At that moment, saving money is your priority.

You need money to upgrade your zoo and buy more animals. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary stuff. When the business starts to stabilize, you can hire workers such as a breeder who is responsible for feeding animals, a Cleaner who will auto-clean the zoo, and a Security Guard who protects the zoo from thieves. Your zoo will run effectively and smoothly with them. Have a great gaming time here and don’t forget to check out other Frivland online games such as Unicycle Mayhem and Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 4.

Controls: Mouse.

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