Steven Universe Pencil Coloring GamePlay:

Steven Universe is one of the best-animated TV series from Cartoon Network. This time, he won’t take any missions but he and other characters appear in your coloring book called Steven Universe Pencil Coloring. They look so sad because they live in a white and black world. Let’s cheer them up with some colors.

Using your crayons to color 8 different pictures in this fun coloring game at friv for school if you are a fan of Steven Universe or you simply love playing the game or find something help you relax, then check it out now. Wake up your painting skills and free your imagination by mixing and matching different colors to create your own masterpieces. Just following your preference to color each detail of the picture which doesn’t need to match what you saw in the cartoon series.

This game doesn’t simple as it seems to be. Why? Because if you love perfection, you will not want the color to go out of the black border. You may want to color perfectly for sure. On http://friv.land, you can change the size of the brush to fit the size of each area and use an eraser to clear the mistakes.

8 pictures look simple, but you may have to spend a lot of effort and time to finish. Just play and leave, then come back to keep coloring the leftover pictures anytime you like. you are always welcomed. If you want to discover new game genres or new themes on coloring games, you can search and play what you like on our site. Some of the best games you should play first are Cakes Tough Break 2 and Anime Fighters Cr: Sasuke.

Instructions: Color the picture by using your mouse.

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