Anna Save Sven GamePlay:

Anna Save Sven is going to appeal you at Friv.land. You linger at Arendelle land and visit Anna. Her pet, Sven, is injured. Give her a helping hand to bring Sven medical treatment. You may jump for joy when playing Anna Save Sven game of friv.com unblocked. How about curing the lovely animal straight away? 

Anna Save Sven free game is a journey to magic kingdom to see Frozen family. Do you know the reindeer Sven? He got wound while playing on the ice yard. Anna must do many things to cure him in friv.com unblocked games. Would you mind assisting Anna to give treatment to Sven? 


You have to break the ice on his legs. Use a small hammer and beat the ice 3 times to remove ice. Use a clip to pick up thorns and leaves on his fur. Pick one by one and put them on a tray. You continue using cotton to stop the bleeding. Use gauzes to bandage wounds on his head and his body. Finally, he feels better on friv.com unblocked. 


His fur is so dirty because of stains. Sven takes a shower by a shower. Use a sponge and soap to clean dust and smears. Bubbles are full on his fur. Use shower to wash bubbles. Use a big towel to dry his fur. Now Sven looks nice. Buy a new saddle for him. He will be happy when having a new costume.


Choose a new saddle among 4 ones. One has a seat and pedal. It has golden and purple color. The second one is 2 black belts embracing his neck and belly. The third saddle is the traditional type with brown and dark green from friv.com unblocked free games. The last one has two belts embracing his neck and belly. Belts look colorful with green, red and blue stripes and stars. The saddle has 2 golden strings. Select sunglasses for Sven. They have different designs and colors. You finish the task.


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  • Use the mouse to play.