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Police Escape

The threat is behind, the threat is ahead, can you safely escape from the police in this mission? Keep running and run your way through all obstacles to avoid being put in jail in Police Escape at friv kids Games.

Blocky Siege

Jump in the epic battles in the beautiful blocky world of Blocky Siege at friv online Games. This is one of the best online FPS games that you shouldn’t miss. Move around, look for enemies and shoot them down.

Basket Champ

It’s basketball time. Hit the ball towards the basket on every single level to prove that you’re one of the best basketball players out there. Enjoy your time in Basket Champ at friv Games.

Naruto Free Fight : Season 2

Naruto is back in the second season called Naruto Free Fight: Season 2. Just like its name, feel free to kick and punch your enemies with all forces to win in this awesome fighting game at Friv Land.

Puffy Cat

There is a puffy cat who lives to pop all the balloons. This cute cat loves to hear the sound of popping balloons. Here in Puffy Cat at Friv Land, your mission is to help it satisfy its hobby. Fun!


It’s a rain of food. Don’t miss that chance. Stuff your empty stomach with delicious food from nowhere. Play as a cute chick and catch all food dropped from the sky in Drop Food Chick at Friv Land.

Super Mario Wheelie

Super Mario no more jumps and runs through a series of obstacles to save his princess. Now, in Super Mario Wheelie at Friv land, he does a wheelie with his motorbike. Let him show you how to do it. Fun!

Subway Surfers in Berlin

Run, run more and keep running in one of the best endless runner games at Friv land named Subway Surfers in Berlin. It’s time to discover all streets in Berlin. Let’s warm-up and start your adventure.

Stickman Army 3

Your headquarter is surrounded by renegades and troublemakers. Let's mobilize the elite army to defend your HQ before it’s too late. Epic battles are waiting for you in Stickman Army 3 at Friv land.

Spider Man Warrior

A giant monster is about to kill you. Don’t worry, you can block its attacks and kill it by launching your spider web. Having fun in Spider Man Warrior and other cool games at Friv Land.

Power Rangers Kill Space Zombies

Power Rangers are on duty right now. Zombies and AI-controlled robots are coming to dominate the Earth. Help them defend the world in Power Rangers Kill Space Zombies at Friv Land


MOTO MANIAC 3 gives you a chance to show off your motorbike riding skills. In 24 levels, you will face different challenges and discover 24 different destinations. Enjoy it at Friv motorbike games.


Enter the boxing ring and show your opponents and the whole world who is the best stickman boxer here. Enjoy STICKMAN BOXING KO CHAMPIAN and other exciting games for free at Friv Land.

ABC Alphabet Jump

Here at Friv Land, you can always find the best games for kids and ABC Alphabet Jump is one of them. Learn the letters of the alphabet in the correct order by jumping. Fun and challenging!

Regular Agents 2

The second installment of the Regular Agents series just arrives at Friv Land. Regular Agents 2 test your skills with more challenging missions. Can you help two agents finish their missions?

Power Ranger Run Fast - Escape Zombies

Power Ranger won’t fight against bad guys today because he is busy running away from zombies. Can you lead him to the safe place in Power Ranger Run Fast - Escape Zombies at Friv Land?

Super Bino Jump Adventure Jungle Game

Run and jump your way through various obstacles and enemies to reach the final destination in your adventure to rescue the Princess. Have fun in Super Bino Jump Adventure Jungle Game at Friv Land.

Super Fighting

Place your robots in front of your base to defend it from aliens in one of the best defense games called Super Fighting at Friv Land. Its gameplay is similar to Plans Vs Zombies. Have fun!

Stickman War 2022

They have the advantage in numbers but that doesn't mean they will defeat you. You can beat all of them with your skills and weapons. Kill them all in Stickman War 2022 at Friv Land. Good luck!

Hand Spinner

Hand Spinner is one of the most popular toys that many people love to play with. Here in Hand Spinner at Friv Land, you join in a hand spinner competition. Stay in the ring all the time to win the match.

Drunken Tug War

You join an athletic contest name Tug of war. Warm your body up and ready to pull your opponent to your side to become the winner. Drunken Tug War is waiting for you at Friv Land.

Baseball Kid

You are a younger talented pitcher who is the leader of the Black Panthers team. Can you lead your team to victory in the baseball kid pitcher cup? Enjoy your free time in Baseball Kids at Friv Land.

Jungle Bricks

A jungle boy who is hungry needs your help to get some food. Food is hidden inside the bricks. You have to break the bricks to get food in Jungle Bricks at Friv kids games. Enjoy your time here.

Goat to the moon 2

One day, a goal looks at the moon and she wishes she could go and live there. Luckily, this goal found a jetpack and now she starts her adventure. Go with her in Goat To The Moon 2 at Friv Land.

Chaos Gun Stickman

It’s going to be the most epic stickman battle ever. Shoot your way to defeat enemies who are skillful shooters. Can you beat them? Play Chaos Gun Stickman for free at Friv Land. Good luck!

Super Wario Riders

Super Mario and his friends are waiting for you in a new running and jumping adventure in Super Wario Riders at Friv . Jump and run your way through various obstacles and set a record.

Cinderella Fashion Dress Up

Cinderella and her stepmother and sisters are invited to a party. You need to help them prepare for the latest dress-up game at Friv Land. called Cinderella Fashion Dress Up. Have fun!

Save Me Hero

You’re about to meet a couple of penguins. The male one wants to show his love to the female one and he needs your help to collect as many hearts as possible in Save Me Hero at Friv Land.

Monster Running

It’s a running and jumping challenge without falling. You have to reach a milestone in each of 40 levels in Monster Running at Friv Land. It’s time to test your luck and skills. Enjoy more games here.

Viking Tavern

Beer seems to be the most favorite drink of Viking. You work at a Viking Tavern and today is a busy day. So many customers want to drink beer. Serve them beer as fast as you can at Friv Land.

Police Chase Drifter

You're a criminal and being chased by police. How can you escape from them and stop them from putting you in jail? Use your driving and racing skills to make it? Enjoy Police Chase Drifter at Friv car racing games.


You live on an island in the sky where you have to jump through small stone slabs to move toward. However, you can move by yourself. You need the help of birds. Find out how in Rope Ninja at Friv Land.

Adventure Time: Finn Love

Jake invited you to join him in an exciting adventure in Adventure Time Finn Love at Friv Land. Are you ready? Warm-up and start discovering something mysterious and enjoyable ahead. Enjoy!

Santa Gravity Flipper - Endless Running Game

Santa Claus needs to complete a challenge to get the Christmas presents. He needs your help. Go up and go down accordingly in Santa Gravity Flipper Endless Running at Friv Land. Have fun!

Cross Chicken

Help a little cross the road safely because it’s too small and slow to handle the busy streets. Time your action to avoid being crushed by vehicles. Have fun in Crossy Chicken at Friv Land.

Rambo Hit Em Up

Monsters are about to dominate your homeland. Kill them before it’s too late. Shoot-em-up with your powerful weapon. Don’t let any of them survive in Rambo Hit Em Up at Friv shooting games.

Run Evil Defenders

Play as an evil, you are being chased by a giant fireball. Can you save yourself from that threat? By the way, many threats are waiting for you ahead. Play Run Evil Defenders at Friv online games.

Clown Super Mario Adventures

Clown Super Mario Adventures is about the treasure hunt adventure of Clown Super Mario. Get ready to help him reach his goal. Have fun and play other games for free at Friv Land.

Super Jake Adventure – Jump Run

An adventure won't be fun if it has no challenge. It's true and you will have hours of joy in Super Jake's Adventure - Jump Run because so many challenges await you there. Enjoy it for free at Friv Land.

Skate Hooligans

Crash the window with your ball. As a result, you are now being chased by a policeman. Let’s escape from him with your skateboard in Skate Hooligans at Friv games 2021.

Candy Shuffle Match-3

Dive in the candy world and pick out all similar candies in an awesome match-3 puzzle game called Candy Shuffle Match 3 at Friv Land. 40 levels as 40 missions full of fun are waiting for you.

Super Burger 2

How much time do you need to make a burger? Let’s test your cooking skills in Super Burger 2 at Friv cooking games. Try to make as many burgers as possible to finish every mission. Let’s start the show.

Save Me Now

Aim and shoot your way through the building to kill all bad guys inside. Take action quickly before they attack you. Save Me Now is simply a fun shooting game that you can freely play at Friv Land.

Mine Brothers The Magic Temple

Mine Brothers, a red girl, and a blue boy are trapped in a dangerous maze. You are here to help them reach the magic temple to get out of the maze. Play Mine Brothers The Magic Temple at Friv Land.

Dolls Surprise Kinder Eggs

Chocolate surprise eggs are the most favorite toys for children. They are edible and they contain something fun inside. What are they? Play Dolls Surprise Kinder Eggs at Friv games for girls.

Among Stacky Runner

If no one leads you, no one opens a safe way for you, let’s do it by yourself. Among Stacky Runner is about crafting several ladders to overcome obstacles and reach the top. Enjoy it at Friv best games 2021.

Xtreme Moto Snow Bike Racing Game

Extremely challenging but extremely fun, that is what you feel when you try your best to beat each level in Xtreme Moto Snow Bike Racing Game at Friv Land. How can you deal with challenges?

Impostor Killer Among us

Among Us is the precious material used to design different amazing games and Impostor Killer Among Us is one of them. Play as Impostor and kill all crewmates without being caught at Y8 Online.

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