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Tiny Explorer

Are you interested in finding treasure? Many treasure chests are hidden inside the ancient temple and a Tiny Explorer is waiting for you to join him in this adventure. Get ready and go for it at friv free games!

Food Snake

Do you remember Snake game on Nokia phone? Here at free online friv games, you will have the same experience with Food Snake in which you control snake slither around to get fruit and grow up. Have fun!

Minigolf Archipelago

Hit the ball into the holen in different situations. That is your goal in Minigolf Archipelago. Pass all obstacles and conquer all the holes in the golf field. Enjoy more fun games for free at friv games unblocked.

Counter Craft 2 Zombies

A strange virus has turned citizens in Minecraft World into zombies. Grab your gun and start hunting zombies and sweep them out of this beautiful world. Play Counter Craft 2 Zombies at friv unblocked.

My Quarantine Glam Look

Skyler, Sonny, Ruby and Violet are back in another dress-up game called My Quarantine Glam Look. Here at friv online games, they are planning to do an indoor fashion show in the quarantine. Join them!

Merge to Battle

Send your most powerful soldiers to defeat enemies who are trying to occupy your castle. Upgrade your soldiers and build your defense to protect your castle as well in Merge to Battle at friv games online.

Rescue From Rainbow Monster Online

Crewmate is captured by Rainbow Monster and is being hung. Cut the rope to free the crewmate and don’t forget to use obstacles to kill monsters. Play Rescue From Rainbow Monster Online at friv online.

Boxes Wizard 2

A wizard needs your help to collect 3 precious diamonds. Are you willing to embark on this adventure with him? It tests your wit and wisdom. Enjoy Boxes Wizard 2 for free at friv games!

Extreme Drag Racing

Another racing game has come to friv free online games. Are you ready to face the speed challenge? Race against the AI-driven racer in the epic race at max speed. Who is the winner of Extreme Drag Racing?

Parkour Block 5

Are you ready to encounter the parkour challenge in Parkour Block 5? Join Steve on a new jumping adventure and help him conquer this challenge. Break a leg and have fun at friv free games!

Jelly Merge

Here is the world of jellies. Do you get ready to discover this bouncy world? Come friv all games and join the colorful jellies in the enjoyable merging adventure in Jelly Merge. Enjoy your time!

Glamour Beach Life

Summer is here. Nothing is better than being on vacation on the beach, isn’t it? Let’s get dressed fabulously for the beach parties and enjoy summertime in Glamour Beach Life at friv com games. Enjoy it!

Ball Throw Fight

You are on vacation on the beach but you are being annoyed by blue monsters. Roll wet sand to make a big ball and use it to kill those monsters. Get ready for Ball Throw Fight at friv games online. Have fun!

Thief Puzzle Online

Here in Thief Puzzle Online at …., you play as a thief who dares to steal something from the police without being detected. You can do it because you have an elastic hand. Good luck!

Noob Shooter Zombie

Run as long as possible and kill as many zombies as you can with Noob in Noob Shooter Zombie at Use a gun or sword to kill zombies and protect yourself from their attacks. Have fun!


It is rumored that there is treasure buried in the sewers. You accompany Bob to find that hidden treasure. Work together to go through all dangers and escape from the sewers in Sewage at friv land.

Jump The Wall

Are you ready to get the victory? Run and jump your way to the finish line first to move to the next round. Time your jump to pass all obstacles and lead the race. Enjoy Jump The Wall at friv free games!

Noob Fuse

At free online friv games, Noob Fuse takes you to the magical block world of Minecraft in which you will activate the bombs to break into the houses and get gems and precious items. Are you ready for this mission?

Protect The Dog 3D

A dog gets lost in the jungle and it is in danger now because wild animals come for it. Build a wall or bridge to save the dog from danger. Protect The Dog 3D is available at friv games unblocked. Enjoy it!

Mahjong Story 2

Mahjong Story 2 is here at friv unblocked in which you will go traveling by collecting all tiles. Exciting gameplay with more than 1000 levels, are you ready to deal with those challenges?

Zombie Area

Your house is surrounded by zombies and they come for you. Shoot them down before they break the door and enter your house. Try your best to survive through the night in Zombie Area at friv online games.

Perfect Stylish Street Look

Get inspired by what Perfect Stylish Street Look offers. The latest street-style collection is here. Get ready for the latest looks from the best street style. Have fun at friv games online!

Storm Tower: Idle Pixel TD

Storm Land is in danger. Monsters are flooding into this land and aiming to take over it. Its fate is in your hands. It’s up to you to protect the peace of Storm Land. Here at friv online, you have only one tower to defend this land. You have to do everything that you need to do to protect it. So, the tower is placed in the center of the battlefield and there is a circle around the tower. Monsters approach your tower from all directions and once they enter the circle, your tower will auto-attack the nearest one. Your ultimate goal here is to defeat as many waves of monsters as possible. Your enemies become stronger with each wave. Furthermore, their movement speed increases as well while you have a single shot. To deal with them, you have to upgrade your tower in terms of attack, defense, and HP. Break a leg and challenge yourself in other fun Friv 10 tower defense games such as Run Evil Defenders and Tower Defense Super Heroes. Here at friv action, you can earn gold coins from daily rewards, missions, and killing enemies and get silver coins from killing zombies. Gold coins are used to unlock new abilities of your tower while silver coins are used to upgrade those abilities like increasing the tower’s attack range, attack damage, attack speed, critical chance, critical damage, and HP as well as reducing damage and so on. The game offers 5 different worlds and now, 3 worlds are available. You have to kill all monsters in the current world to move to the next one and it’s not easy to finish the mission. If your tower is destroyed, you have to start from the beginning. Which games are similar to this game? - Medieval Defense Z - Ninja Defender - King Bird Tower Defense - Zombie Idle Defense Online - Super Tower War Instructions: Use MOUSE to play the game.

Red and Blue Stickman 2

Lava Boy and Ice Girl are back in the second sequel of the Red and Blue Stickman series. Something challenging yet exciting is waiting for you to explore in Red and Blue Stickman 2 at friv games.

Castle Wars: Modern

Are you ready to slash your way to send your rival to the world of the Dead? With several game modes, easy controls, and addicting gameplay, Castle Wars: Modern at friv free online games will keep you hooked.

High School BFFs: Girls Team

Do you know how to turn the school into a catwalk? It’s easy because High School BFFs: Girls Team offers everything that you may need for that mission. Check it out now at friv free games. Have fun!

Bobb World

Bobb is starving right now. Help it get all the food and go home safely. Discover different planets and enjoy all the tasty food there. Have fun with Bobb the monster in Bobb’s World at friv all games!

Basket Goal

Playing basketball in a puzzle game, have you ever tried before? Here at friv com games, we have a great basketball puzzle game for you called Basket Goal. Move the hoop and the ball to score. That’s it!

Nitro Speed

Driving a sports car at full speed will bring you the most satisfying experience ever, right? Come to friv games online. And enjoy Nitro Speed now. Roaming around and enjoying the best drive of your life.

X2 Block Match

Who says that playing with numbers is not fun? That’s because they haven’t played X2 Block Match. Merge the same numbers to make the biggest ones. Enjoy your free time at friv mobile!

BFFs E Girl Vs Soft Girl

E Girl and Soft Girl fashion styles are trending right now. A group of 6 close friends is divided into two teams and hold a fashion battle between BFFs E Girl Vs Soft Girl. Join them at!

In Space

Unfortunately, your spaceship is broken and you are being attacked by hordes of alien creatures. Grab weapons and other equipment to defeat them before they kill you in In Space at friv land.

Vex Challenges

Show off your ingenuity in every move in Vex Challenges at friv free games. Are you able to conquer those challenges in this running and jumping game? Deadly traps are waiting for you.

Counter Combat Multiplayer

Are you ready to fight? Choose to become a member of the Counter-Terrorist team or Terrorist team, and together with your teammates to reach the goal in Counter Combat Multiplayer at free online friv games.

Bicycle Stunt 3D

Ride your bike on the rooftop, have you ever tried before? Ride your bike through all obstacles and go as far as possible. Go to the furthest in Bicycle Stunt 3D at free online friv games. Enjoy your free time here!

Summer Celebrity Fashion Battle

Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid, who has the best sense of fashion? Join Summer Celebrity Fashion Battle between 3 supermodels and decide who will win. Have fun at friv games unblocked!

Flying Wings Hovercraft

Get in your hovercraft, start its energy, and get ready to race your way through the neon-lit cities in Flying Wings Hovercraft at friv unblocked. 72 challenging levels are waiting for you here.

Street Shadow Classic Fighter

Walk confidently on the street and use your skillful punches and kicks to defeat whoever wants to stop you such as bosses, police, and so on. Enjoy Street Shadow Classic Fighter at friv online games.

Bff Stylish Off Shoulder Outfits

Four girls in Bff Stylish Off Shoulder Outfits at friv games online are really proud of their collarbone. They have beautiful collarbones. That’s why off-shoulder outfits are their favorite.

Boing Bang

You're about to be crushed by a bouncing ball. Wait! It’s not only one ball. It includes several balls inside it when you shoot at it. Destroy them before they destroy you. Play Boing Bang at friv online!

Pipe Surfer

One ball is unable to break the wall but many of them can. That’s why you need to find a way to multiply the balls to destroy all the walls that stop your way. It’s what you do in Pipe Surfer at friv games.

Tornado Giant Rush

Everyone is scared of tornadoes. In Tornado Giant Rush, you will control a tornado to rush to the finish line. In that process, make it become the largest. Enjoy more fun games for free at friv free online games!

Mad Day Special

Aliens have come to the Earth and unfortunately, they come to your house and kidnap your beloved octopus. Chase them and rescue your pet before it’s too late in Mad Day Special at friv free games.

Princess Love Pinky Outfits

Disney princesses have a date after a long time and pinky outfits are their dress code. Let’s help them sight in their own way with a perfect look. Play Princess Love Pinky Outfits at friv all games!

Zombies Cookies Apocalypse

Zombie viruses have turned cookies into evil creatures. In Zombies Cookies Apocalypse, you will help a bearded man wearing a jetpack destroy all cookie zombies. Enjoy it at friv com games!

Backyard Hoops

Tom and Jerry are having a peaceful day. They are playing basketball in the backyard. Do you want to join them? Help Tom shoot as many baskets as possible in Backyard Hoops at friv games online!

Draw Rainbow Ninja

Draw a perfect attacking path to lead your ninja to enemies and kill them. You have only one chance. If you miss it, you will lose. Enjoy Draw Rainbow Ninja for free at friv mobile! Have fun!

Real Boxing Fighting Game

Are you a boxer, fighter, or wrestler? Or three of them? Prove you are the best of the best in the ring in Real Boxing Fighting Game. Knock out your rivals and win all rounds. Have fun at!

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