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Street Driver

How can you control 2 cars at once? Driving a car is too difficult, so control 2 cars at the same time? Street Driver tests your driving skills in this unique challenge at friv games 2020. Good luck!

Face Paint Party

The face party is here. Let’s create an artwork. Start with cleaning your face, then follow each step and finish your creation. Have fun with Face Paint Party at friv games 2020 and enjoy more options here.

rope hero

You are a superhero who has a superpower like Spiderman. You will roam around the street and knock down all enemies and targets. Welcome to Amazing Rope Hero at friv 2020.

Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan

The thieves are not good but if you want to experience the intelligence of a thief. You are invited to the online game Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan in friv games. You will do your duty well. Accept the challenge now!

Adam And Eve 6

Adam received a love letter from Eve. However, he has to find her. She is hiding somewhere in the kingdom. Help him in the whole journey in Adam and Eve 6 at friv 5

Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes

Adam is kidnapped by some snakes in the jungle. Let’s rescue him so he can meet his beloved Eve in Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes at friv Games online. Let’s see how can you save him.

Double Streetfight

Use your kicks and punches to defeat all the powerful bad guys in the street. Who dares to challenge you? Enter Double Streetfight at Friv multiplayer games, show off your martial art skills and teach them a lesson.

Tiny Dungeons

Come along with a character from Among Us in a challenging adventure in Tiny Dungeons at Friv Land. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice yourself to go through obstacles and reach your goal.

Stickman Dash

You are assigned a very important mission, which is to break into the enemy base and kill all of them. Take action quietly because you are an assassin. Have fun in amazing Stickman Dash at Friv action games.

Yummy Waffle Icecream

You will be Chef Nancy's assistant for a day. In Yummy Waffle Ice Cream, she needs to make a special version of waffle for her restaurant’s breakfast. Let’s help her and start working.

Shortcut Run

If you are a fan of casual games, you must play Shortcut Run at Friv Land. It brings you to a running contest. It’s special and unique because you can build your shortcuts to win you’re your competitors.

Papa Cherry Saga

Papa Cherry is the greatest chef and he comes from the candy world in Papa Cherry Saga at Friv puzzle games. He needs your help to collect some special ingredients for his awesome dish. Let’s dig in.

Princess Banquet Practical Joke

Elsa, Anna, and Ariel are excited as Aurora invited them to her banquet. They are well-prepared but something unpleasant happened. Try Princess Banquet Practical Joke at Friv Land to find what it is.


Even the top racers are unlikely to survive this battle. Why? Because it is a mortal arena where only one racer survives. Kill them to become the king of the racer in Racerking at Friv skill games.

Pirate Adventure

The legendary pirate Blackbeard will reward his treasure to the person who solves 6 puzzles. Can you succeed? Play Pirate Adventure at Friv Land and try your luck as well as your intelligence here.

Mr Dracula

Halloween is over but Mr Dracula is busy to defeat evil pumpkins. There is only one Mr. Dracula but there are tons of evil pumpkins. How can he win over them? Check it out at Friv shooting games.

Neon Invaders

Neon Invaders brings you to the beautiful neon world. It looks great but it isn’t peaceful because a force of invaders is coming intending to take over here. Stop them at Friv shootinh games.

City Car Stunt 4

Racing or driving games will never let you down and City Car Stunt 4 is not the exception. Get ready and feel the speed as you conquer a series of racing tracks and roam around at Friv Land.

Nifty Hoopers

Choose one of several nations and take part in one of the biggest basketball tournament in Nifty Hoopers at Friv sport games. Then, bring the precious cup home with your talent and precision. Have fun!

Golden Scarabaeus

Go to Egypt and discover the secret of the ancient Egyptian civilization by collecting 3 scarabs at each level in Golden Scarabaeus at Friv Land – a puzzle game that will surprise you in many ways.

Wheel Duel

There is no racing game like Wheel Duel for sure. Have you ever join a race in which you change the size of your wheels to win over your opponents at Friv Land? Grab this chance and enjoy!

Machine Gun Squad

Can you alone kill all enemies? Try it and although this is a fierce battlefield where you can lose your life at any moment, you can have hours of fun. Enjoy Machine Gun Squad at Friv shooting games.

Aliens Attack

What are you going to do if aliens come to invade the earth? Run and hide or grab a gun and fight against them? If you choose the latter, it’s what you do in Aliens Attack at Friv Land. Shoot’em up!

Maze Control

A ball is locked on several mazes. Help it get out of those mazes with your wits and ingenuity in Maze Control at Friv Land. There are so many games as fun as this one on our site as well. Check it out!

Sunny Farm IO

A harvest competition is about to start. Do you want to join? Compete against other online players in a wheat harvesting competition. Drive your trailer car and win in Sunny Farm IO at Friv games 2021.

Candy Blocks Collapse

Collect different types of tasty candies as you play through a series of challenging levels in Candy Blocks Collapse at Friv puzzle games. This game is not only great at gameplay but also the visual.

Icy Purple Head 3. Super Slide

Winter is here. Snow is falling. It’s a great time to have a winter adventure. Turn into an ice cube and slide your way to the finish line in Icy Purple Head 3. Super Slide at Friv Land. Enjoy!

Run Royale 3D

Jogging is a form of exercise that many people do every day to improve their health. Now at Friv kids games, Run Royale 3D turns it into a competition. Can you rank in the top 3 of this game? It's hard to tell.

Funny Pet Hair Cut

You work at a pet shop and your everyday job is to take care of these cute, special customers. Now, 4 pets need to have their hair cut. Have a nice day in Funny Pet Hair Cut at Friv Land.

Roof Rails

Use your pole and slide along the rails to overcome all obstacles and move from roof to roof. Collect sticks to make your pole longer, so you can slide safe and sound in Roof Rails at Friv Land.

My Pizza Outlet

In My Pizza Outlet at Friv Land, you play as the owner of a pizza store. Your job daily is to make the tastiest pizza ever for each customer. A new day is coming. Let’s prepare and have a nice day.

Tank Battle

Tank Battle is different from other options of the same genre at Friv Land. It’s simple but fun. It's easy to pick up the gameplay. You can win easily or lose easily. Check it out for free.

Bob and Chainsaw

Bob's daily job is to cut trees, cut trees into chunks. However, this job has many dangers. Bob can take risks at any time. Protect bob from those dangers in Bob and Chainsaw at Friv action games.

School Bus Simulation Master

You may haven't had a chance to drive a school bus in real life for sure. Do you want to have that experience? Go to Friv Land and play School Bus Simulation Master to enjoy. Be safe and sound!

Montezuma Gems

Deal with different warriors in each pyramid in Montezuma Gems - the latest match-3 puzzle game at Friv Online. Uncover the hidden secrets that will bring to you a lot of excitement. Have fun!

Survive Alone

Wake up and you find yourself in a deserted forest. You don’t have a smartphone or any tools. You don’t know how to go back home. Well, just adapt first and try to survive in Survive Alone at Friv Land.

Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter

A massive virus army is coming to infect the human. Stop them before it’s too late. Don’t let any viruses enter the human world. Have fun with Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter at Friv Land.

Baby Hazel New Year Party

It's time to goodbye to Christmas and welcomes the new year. Baby Hazel will celebrate the biggest event of the year with her family and friends. Help her prepare in Baby Hazel New Year Party at Friv Land.

Frozen Princess Christmas Celebration

Christmas also comes to Arendelle. Frozen princesses and their boyfriends are preparing for this event. Join them in Frozen Princess Christmas Celebration at Friv Land. Are you excited?

Rope Slash 2

Let’s make your whole body work with an amazing game at Friv Land called Rope Slash 2. It resembles bowling. You may find some familiar features here. It’s about smashing cans.

Christmas Imposter Run

Imposters from Among Us are celebrating Christmas with an endless runner adventure. It’s more fun if you join them. Click on Christmas Imposter Run at Friv Land and collect all elves and gifts.

Christmas Rush

Santa Claus is in trouble. He is late for delivering Christmas gifts. Maybe he woke up late. let’s help him pick up all the presents and give them to good children in Christmas Rush at Friv Land.

Traffic Run Christmas

People are in a hurry to drive home on Christmas day and you’re one of them. A lot of vehicles are moving on the street. Drive safely to get home with family in Traffic Run Christmas at Friv Land.

Christmas Puzzle

Do you feel the scent of Christmas yet? Let’s jump into the world of Christmas candies and collect different types of sweets here. So many interesting things waiting for you at Friv match3 games 2020. Check it out!

Claw Crane

Do you know the claw machine? Have you ever succeeded in picking up any teddy bears from that machine? Try your luck in Claw Crane at Friv Land and pick up all aliens with your claw.

Santa Claus wants to go fishing but his goal is not to catch the fish but Xmas stuff such as gifts, candies, ornaments, and more. Do you want to join him? Enjoy at Friv Land.

Adam And Eve Go Xmas

Celebrating the holiday by helping Adam bring all these presents to Eve! The road will be long and filled with obstacles, so we need your assistance to complete the journey in this Friv kid game: Adam And Eve Go Xmas!

Critical Strike Zero

If you are looking for a mind-blowing FPS game, you must play Critical Strike Zero added to Friv shooting games recently. It promises to bring to you the best shooting experience ever. Let’s dig in.

Deadswitch 3

Jump in the battle and compete against many types of enemies, from online players to zombies and terrorists. Shoot your way through various missions and win in Deadswitch 3 at Friv Land.

Tennis Masters

Are you good at playing tennis? Join the tournament and prove that no one can beat you. Tennis Masters are waiting for the king of tennis at Friv sports games. Is that you or one of your opponents?

Among them Hide N Seek 2

It’s time to hide or it’s time to seek. No matter you are a seeker or a hider, try to do your best to win each match in Among Them Hide N Seek 2. Play this game and other ones for free at Gogy games 2020.

Chained Tractor Towing Simulator

Take your farming experience to another notch with the support of this tractor, but first, you need to learn how to drive it in Chained Tractor Towing Simulator! Be a part of this Friv simulation game for kids and show how good your driving techniques are!

Space Imposter

Take the role of the Space Imposter and secure the safety of the team in this Friv new game! You will have to use the wisdom, intelligence, and flexibility to dash through the platform and get out fast!

Bullet League Robogeddon

You are brought into a dangerous jungle where furious robots are roaming around. Loot weapons and kill them first to become the last man standing in Bullet League Robogeddon at Friv Land.