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Street Driver

How can you control 2 cars at once? Driving a car is too difficult, so control 2 cars at the same time? Street Driver tests your driving skills in this unique challenge at friv games 2020. Good luck!

Face Paint Party

The face party is here. Let’s create an artwork. Start with cleaning your face, then follow each step and finish your creation. Have fun with Face Paint Party at friv games 2020 and enjoy more options here.

Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan

The thieves are not good but if you want to experience the intelligence of a thief. You are invited to the online game Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan in friv games. You will do your duty well. Accept the challenge now!

Adam And Eve 6

Adam received a love letter from Eve. However, he has to find her. She is hiding somewhere in the kingdom. Help him in the whole journey in Adam and Eve 6 at friv 5

Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes

Adam is kidnapped by some snakes in the jungle. Let’s rescue him so he can meet his beloved Eve in Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes at friv Games online. Let’s see how can you save him.

Monster Running

It’s a running and jumping challenge without falling. You have to reach a milestone in each of 40 levels in Monster Running at Friv Land. It’s time to test your luck and skills. Enjoy more games here.

Viking Tavern

Beer seems to be the most favorite drink of Viking. You work at a Viking Tavern and today is a busy day. So many customers want to drink beer. Serve them beer as fast as you can at Friv Land.

Police Chase Drifter

You're a criminal and being chased by police. How can you escape from them and stop them from putting you in jail? Use your driving and racing skills to make it? Enjoy Police Chase Drifter at Friv car racing games.


You live on an island in the sky where you have to jump through small stone slabs to move toward. However, you can move by yourself. You need the help of birds. Find out how in Rope Ninja at Friv Land.

Adventure Time: Finn Love

Jake invited you to join him in an exciting adventure in Adventure Time Finn Love at Friv Land. Are you ready? Warm-up and start discovering something mysterious and enjoyable ahead. Enjoy!

Santa Gravity Flipper - Endless Running Game

Santa Claus needs to complete a challenge to get the Christmas presents. He needs your help. Go up and go down accordingly in Santa Gravity Flipper Endless Running at Friv Land. Have fun!

Cross Chicken

Help a little cross the road safely because it’s too small and slow to handle the busy streets. Time your action to avoid being crushed by vehicles. Have fun in Crossy Chicken at Friv Land.

Rambo Hit Em Up

Monsters are about to dominate your homeland. Kill them before it’s too late. Shoot-em-up with your powerful weapon. Don’t let any of them survive in Rambo Hit Em Up at Friv shooting games.

Run Evil Defenders

Play as an evil, you are being chased by a giant fireball. Can you save yourself from that threat? By the way, many threats are waiting for you ahead. Play Run Evil Defenders at Friv online games.

Clown Super Mario Adventures

Clown Super Mario Adventures is about the treasure hunt adventure of Clown Super Mario. Get ready to help him reach his goal. Have fun and play other games for free at Friv Land.

Super Jake Adventure – Jump Run

An adventure won't be fun if it has no challenge. It's true and you will have hours of joy in Super Jake's Adventure - Jump Run because so many challenges await you there. Enjoy it for free at Friv Land.

Skate Hooligans

Crash the window with your ball. As a result, you are now being chased by a policeman. Let’s escape from him with your skateboard in Skate Hooligans at Friv games 2021.

Candy Shuffle Match-3

Dive in the candy world and pick out all similar candies in an awesome match-3 puzzle game called Candy Shuffle Match 3 at Friv Land. 40 levels as 40 missions full of fun are waiting for you.

Super Burger 2

How much time do you need to make a burger? Let’s test your cooking skills in Super Burger 2 at Friv cooking games. Try to make as many burgers as possible to finish every mission. Let’s start the show.

Save Me Now

Aim and shoot your way through the building to kill all bad guys inside. Take action quickly before they attack you. Save Me Now is simply a fun shooting game that you can freely play at Friv Land.

Mine Brothers The Magic Temple

Mine Brothers, a red girl, and a blue boy are trapped in a dangerous maze. You are here to help them reach the magic temple to get out of the maze. Play Mine Brothers The Magic Temple at Friv Land.

Dolls Surprise Kinder Eggs

Chocolate surprise eggs are the most favorite toys for children. They are edible and they contain something fun inside. What are they? Play Dolls Surprise Kinder Eggs at Friv games for girls.

Among Stacky Runner

If no one leads you, no one opens a safe way for you, let’s do it by yourself. Among Stacky Runner is about crafting several ladders to overcome obstacles and reach the top. Enjoy it at Friv best games 2021.

Xtreme Moto Snow Bike Racing Game

Extremely challenging but extremely fun, that is what you feel when you try your best to beat each level in Xtreme Moto Snow Bike Racing Game at Friv Land. How can you deal with challenges?

Impostor Killer Among us

Among Us is the precious material used to design different amazing games and Impostor Killer Among Us is one of them. Play as Impostor and kill all crewmates without being caught at Y8 Online.

City Runner - Pixel runner Game Online

Let’s have something fun in the pixel world of City Runner - Pixel Runner Game Online. Warm up and run your way through the messy street, against 4 racers to top 1 at Friv Land.

Sheep and road

What would happen when a flock of sheep meets a flock of wolves? It will be a bloody war and the winner undoubtedly is wolves, right? Let’s protect the sheep from wolves in Sheep And Road at Friv games. - Winter Seasons

Many players are waiting for you in 3 fun and challenging races. Get ready and try your best to race to the top of each round. Don't fall. Enjoy - Winter Seasons for free at Friv Land.

Summon new party members by collect food around the map to become the largest party. Then, no team can beat you and you will become the king. Enjoy at Friv Land.

Sand Fort Escape

You are trapped in the Sand Fort. No one is here to help you. The only way to get out of there is to find all the necessary items. Enjoy your time in Sand Fort Escape and other fun games at Friv Land.

Robot Fighter Epic Battles

Choose between the red robot team and blue robot team, then lead your team to victory in one of the best fighter games called Robot Fighter Epic Battles at Friv Land. Upgrade, fight, and win. Have fun!

Rocket Punch 2 Online

Take advantage of your elastic hand and your powerful punches to take the enemy’s life. Use your punch wisely. Otherwise, you can’t defeat any enemies. Have fun in Rocket Punch 2 Online at Friv Land.

Among Rescue Impostor Pull The Pin

A red crewmate and a blue impostor are in the same spaceship. Who will survive? It’s up to you. Help the crewmate safe from the cruel impostor in Among Rescue Impostor Pull The Pin at Friv Kids games.

Super SUV Driving

Do you want to practice driving in the virtual world? Welcome you to Super SUV Driving - a simple game designed for that purpose. Just drive without any rules, any missions. Enjoy it at Friv super car games.

Impostor Rescue

Another rescue game just arrives at Friv kids games. It’s called Impostor Rescue. Impostor is not obnoxious like he is in the famous Among Us. He needs your help to be safe from dangers and collect gems.

Two Ball 3D Dark

Roll and keep rolling until you conquer a long distance that you can't imagine. Two Ball 3D Dark challenges you with the endless rolling mission. Can you succeed? Play it for free at Friv Land.

GP Moto Racing 2

Two amazing game modes and several challenging tracks are waiting for you in GP Moto Racing 2 at Friv simulator games. Speed up and leave other racers behind to win each race you join in. Good luck!

Bomb Prank

Exciting and thrilling enough, will you be pranked by other players or prank them with a bomb? Try to run away from who is carrying a bomb and try to pass the bomb to a player in Bomb Prank at Friv arcade games.

Shopping Mall Tycoon

It is never late to get rich. Let’s start from today. Buy the land, build your first shop, earn money, then expand your business with several stores in Shopping Mall Tycoon at Friv Land.

Penalty Champs 21

Play as a goalkeeper and striker, and try to win over your opposing team in Penalty Champs 21 at Friv Sports games. Get score and block the ball from your opponent. Let’s do well in both roles. Have fun!

Archer vs Zombies Among As

Among Us characters have been turned into zombies and they are trying to dominate your caster. Play as an archer, you have to kill them with your weapons in Archer vs Zombie Among As at Friv shooting games.

Among Hill Climber

Among Us character is here in Among Hill Climber and wants you to join him to have a ride around the mountainous area. Do you want to go with him? Enjoy the amazing journey at Friv car racing games.

Amazing Run 3D

Control the time to pass every single obstacle on the way in Amazing Run 3D at Friv .IO games. Be an amazing runner and conquer all challenging levels. Good luck and have fun with other games here.

Tile Mahjong

Another mahjong puzzle game has arrived at Friv Land. It’s called Tile Mahjong. Another mahjong game, you may complain but have a try and you will love it for sure. Enjoy your gaming time.

Princess Magic Gradient

You, princesses Eliza and Milana may have one thing in common which is fashion. You will have a chance to discover the magical gradient fashion world in Princess Magic Gradient at Friv girls games play.

Blaze Racing

Blaze Racing can be on the list of the most challenging racing games that you can find at Friv Land. It’s hard to play and hard to master as well. Let’s see how can you conquer it. Check it out!

Magic Pom

Puzzle games are never old-fashioned. Welcome you to the latest puzzle game at Friv Land. Its name is Magic Pom. Let’s connect more than 3 similar poms to finish a certain mission as required.

Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics

Shaun is back. This time, he doesn’t come up with any ideas but he is being chased by the alien. Help him escape in Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics at Friv Land right now. Try not to fall is the key.

Slingshot Jetpack

Get ready, launch, and soar through the speed rings to gain speed and pass other racers in a fun jetpack racing game called Slingshot Jetpack. You can play it and other games for free at Friv Land.

Lets Party

Lets party! Who doesn’t like parties? You are invited to a tile conquering party where you compete against 3 opponents in taking more tiles on the map. Lets Party is playable at Friv games!

Team Kaboom

Shoot your way through waves after waves of enemies who won’t attack you but can take your life when you touch them. Simple but insanely challenging gameplay. Play Team Kaboom at Friv Land.