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Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle

Mysterious creatures are coming towards you and attack non-stop. Use your powerful fists and weapons to beat them as fast and accurately as possible. Play Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle at friv Games for free.

Rope Cut and Boom

Cut the rope to make the bomb drop and make all the boxes below blow up. That’s what you have to do in Rope Cut and Boom – a fun puzzle game at Friv Land. Check out other exciting games at friv online Games.


Another fun IO game has come to frivcom 2021. It’s Here, you control a small circle to move around and eat as many colorful dots as possible while avoid being sucked into the black hole. Fun!

CPL Tournament 2020

It’s time to show the world that you are the master of cricket by joining the CPL Tournament and winning over all opposing teams here. CPL Tournament 2020 is waiting for you at Friv Land

Super Peaman World

Super Peaman is waiting for you to embark on a new adventure with him. Get ready because so many mysteries and exciting things are here to discover. Play Super Peaman World for free at Friv Land.

Moto X3M 4

Drive at the highest speed through several obstacles like a maniac, do you dare to deal with the challenge? Come to Moto X3M 4 and show your driving skills now. Enjoy more games at free Games friv.

Among Us Sea Adventure

The submarine is an underwater vehicle. Without water, it becomes useless, doesn’t it? The impostor is grounded. Let’s lead the water to the submarine in Among Us Sea Adventure at friv Games school.

Football League Sports Game

Select your favorite team and player, then let’s start the match. Get as many scores as possible and don’t let the opposing team score. Enjoy Football League Sports Game at friv com school.

Draw Bullet Master

Who said bullets only fly in a straight line? A fun game at friv Games play called Draw Bullet Master will prove that bullets fly according to all types of lines. By drawing to shoot, let’s kill all bad guys.

Ollie Goes To School

Today is Ollie's first day of school. He shouldn't go to school late. Wake him up and help him get ready in Ollie Goes To School at Friv kids. Then, accompany him on this big day. Have a great time!

Moto Bike Attack Race

Get on your motorbike and dash forward, grab any weapons, and hit other racers to eliminate them, Moto bile Attack race takes you to an ever fiercer race. Get ready for it. Have fun at friv Games for free.

Kopanito All Stars Soccer

One of the best soccer games out there is here at friv best Games. It’s called Kopanito All Stars Soccer. Pick your favorite team and lead your team to victory by winning all opposing teams you meet. Fun!

Astronaut Us

Space is mysterious and you may put yourself at risk at the time. Throw rope, jump carefully to pass all obstacles, and reach the big star to conquer the latest game at Abcya new games called Astronaut Us.

Among Us Commander Shoot Zombies

You are Among Us commander. you are shouldering a heavy responsibility which is to defeat zombies. Run forward and use your gun to kill them in Among Us Commander Shoot Zombies at Games friv online.

Zombie Shooter Online

In Zombie Shooter Online at free online friv Games, you play as a zombie hunter who promises to kill zombies until your last breath. Yes, try to sweep those hungry zombies out of this world before it’s too late.

Om Num Run 3D

Om Num is here in Om Num Run 3D and waiting for you to embark on a running adventure. Do warm-up and start running through all obstacles and collecting coins. Enjoy it for free at friv com school.

Foot Goals

Here is a game for those who love the king of sports. Foot Goals is free to play at friv school Games to play. Fool the goalkeeper of the opposing team and score as many as you can to win. Break a leg and have fun!

Sweet Run

A cute donut is being chased by a hungry monster. Run, slide and jump over the obstacles to go to the safe place quickly before it’s too late in Sweet Run at friv com 3 games for free. Something fun is waiting for you.

Cat Loves Cake

Cat not only loves fish but also loves cake. In a cute game called Cat Loves Cake, cat, elephant, giraffe, and more need your help to pass all obstacles and get the cake. Have fun with them at friv Games.

Mr Stickman

Your role in Mr Stickman is a secret agent who needs to eliminate all enemies with as few bullets as possible. How can you do it? Just start your mission and find out by yourself at friv Games online free.

Steve AdventureCraft Aqua

Do you want to embark on a new adventure with Steve? This time, he will discover the aqua world. So many interesting things are waiting for both of you. Enjoy Steve AdventureCraft Aqua at friv Games free. is about the epic battle among cars where you have to push other cars off the arena to win. Causing accidents is allowed here. Just hit hard and try to survive. Enjoy this game at friv Games friv.

Super Stickman Duelist

Super Stickman Duelist is a truly fun game that is worth your time to experience. Control your stickman to move around with a blade stuck on him and kill all enemies quickly and cleanly at Games friv online.

Rabbit Run Adventure

Out little rabbit can’t stay still. It wants to wander around to discover the new things in this beautiful world. Help it have a safe journey in Rabbit Run Adventure at friv Games for free. Have fun!

Save The Rag Doll

A poor rag doll is under the attack of many deadly objects surrounding it. Active the shield and disable those dangerous things. Save The Rag Doll is a fun game to play at friv free Games. Have a great time!

Fireboy Watergirl In Zombies World

You need diamonds for a living. However, this world is now dominated by zombies. How can you collect diamonds in this dangerous world? Check it out in Fireboy Watergirl In Zombies World at friv kids.

Sniper Trigger Revenge

You are an experienced sniper and you are hired to kill some targets. All the names are already on the list. Just start taking action and shoot them down in Sniper Trigger Revenge at friv Games play.

Candy The Rope

Our little blue monster is starving and he is waiting for you to feed him candy. Cut the rope in the right order to get the sweet into his mouth. That’s your mission in Candy The Rope at friv Games online.

Fruit Monster

Fruit Monster is not only a game for entertainment but also a great address to learn vocabulary about fruits in English. This is one of the best games for kids that you can find at friv Games play.

Super Lule Mario

Super Lule Mario has the theme and gameplay like Super Mario. You have to rescue your princess who is trapped in the cage by evil. Start your adventure right now at friv Games play.

Stickman Gun Battle Simulator

Monsters are invading your territory. Before they reach the castle, send your elite army to defeat them. You get all you need to win. Enjoy Stickman Gun Battle Simulator for free at friv Games play.

Spa Day Makeup Artist

You will have another busy day at your spa. Today, you welcome 3 guests who have booked in advance. Let’s take care of their beauty from head to toes in Spa Day Makeup Artist at friv Games.

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

5 rounds in total and how many rounds can you win over your opponent? Punch and push your opponent off the ring to become the winner in Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers. Enjoy your time at frivgame 2021!

Drawing Games For Girls

Drawing Games For Girls is a drawing game that is not only a perfect choice for girls but also anyone who loves this art form. Play with color and create your own masterpiece at Friv Land.

Gary World

Do you miss Super Mario? Let’s embark on a Gary version adventure of him in Gary World at friv for school. Jump and run your way through the first level to the final one to save your princess. Enjoy!

FullSpeed Racing

Let’s have a drive along the beach in a racing game that by looking at its name, you can tell how fast you can drive here – FullSpeed Racing. Sound great, doesn’t it? Enjoy it at Friv Land.

Spiderman T-Rex Runner

Spiderman and T-Rex appear in one game. How cool that is! What are they going to do in one world? Let’s check it out in Spiderman T-Rex Runner at friv Games to play and you will be surprised. Enjoy!

Tappy Dumont - Aeroplane

Santous Dumont wants to travel across Paries by aeroplane. However, he faces so many obstacles along the way. Can you help him fly through all dangers in Tappy Dumont – Aeroplane at Friv Land?

Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting to Revenge

Get on your car and shoot your way to kill all enemies in front of you before they take your life. Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting to Revenge at friv Games play puts you into an epic battle on road.

Save Power Rangers From Ocean Zombies - Pin Pull

The diver is facing hot lava and shark. Can you help him escape from those dangers? Pull the right pins in the right order in Save Power Rangers From Ocean Zombies - Pin Pull at friv Games for kids. tests your football skills with 2 different modes. Are you confident enough to deal with real players on the football field? Jump right into the game and check it out at Friv games 2022.

Raft Wars 2

Simon and his brother found gold and diamonds at the beach. They buried their treasure here and now a water park is built on top of it. Help them get it back in Raft Wars 2 at friv Games.

Police Escape

The threat is behind, the threat is ahead, can you safely escape from the police in this mission? Keep running and run your way through all obstacles to avoid being put in jail in Police Escape at friv kids Games.

Blocky Siege

Jump in the epic battles in the beautiful blocky world of Blocky Siege at friv online Games. This is one of the best online FPS games that you shouldn’t miss. Move around, look for enemies and shoot them down.

Basket Champ

It’s basketball time. Hit the ball towards the basket on every single level to prove that you’re one of the best basketball players out there. Enjoy your time in Basket Champ at friv Games.

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