Baby Elsa Dollhouse Designer GamePlay:

Do you play dolls when you were young? Like other kids, baby Elsa loves playing dolls and she really wants to have a beautiful dollhouse for her favorite Disney characters. Are you willing to make her desire come true? In Baby Elsa Dollhouse Designer, you’ re a designer and responsible for designing an awesome dollhouse for Elsa. At game, first of all, you have to choose a suitable structure of the dollhouse from the one has 2 floors with 2 rooms, the one has 2 floors with 3 rooms and the one has 2 floors with 4 rooms. After that, you note the dimension and cut the board in those numbers by connecting the dots.

When the dollhouse was built, it’s time to choose furniture and decorate it. Choose your favorite paint and pattern to cover each room. Then, you click on each room to decorate it with a bed, lamp, chair, table and so on. Don’t forget to hang some awesome pictures on the wall at friv for kids There are so many styles of furniture available for you to choose from. Based on your interest, you can decor each room with a different style. Arrange every item as the way you like. Finally, place your favorite Disney characters in each room.

The dollhouse looks so great. Baby Elsa really loves it. She’s really satisfied now. You did a great job. Play more games related to Disney princesses at http://friv.land/ Some fun choices for you are Extreme Makeover & Frozen Sister Flower Girls

Controls: Play the game with your left mouse.