Battle Simulator GamePlay:

Another battle simulation game has just been added to the collection at Friv online. Any battle requires a smart strategy and the great fighting skills. However, this game is the strategic type of game which focuses on the strategy-making process. You won't have to use your own hand to run around the map punching enemies and shooting people like the ordinary games.

Just sit down and come up with the most brilliant plan to place your army on the map and win the battle. Your task is to take a look at the distribution of the enemies on the map, then place your troops all over your side of the field. Select a unit on the left, tap the grid to place it, then use the 3D view to check your information. How can you know which location is the appropriate one? You can predict the pattern of the match by observing your enemy’s army. Only by doing so will you be able to choose your kind of warriors.

Once you think that the distribution of the soldiers is perfect, you can start the real fight! Your soldiers will automatically attack the enemies from their location. There are many other games with the intense action scenes like this one such as Dragon Vice City and GunBlood Remastered. All the games are available at http://friv.land for kids of all ages to enjoy during their free time!


Select and place the units with your left mouse, use arrows and W, A, S, D to move the camera.

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