Knee Surgery Simulator GamePlay:

You definitely have a soft spot for Knee Surgery Simulator at Friv.land. Your responsibility is to cure a patient because you are a surgeon. The sick person has an injury to the knee. He cannot walk. Help him! Knee Surgery Simulator game is a chance to serve as a doctor. Why don’t you attend a surgery on friv old game?


Knee Surgery Simulator free game performs a surgery in the hospital. You work as a doctor giving a patient the medical treatment. The patient has a wound in the knee. You make him feel better. Use a syringe to inject the knee with anesthetic. Use a medical knife to cut and open the injury. Grind the joints and replace damaged joints with artificial ones. Use screws and screwdriver to connect parts. Close the wound by staples in friv old game online. Cover it with the bandage. Wait a few days and remove the bandage.


Follow the instructions and do missions. You operate the surgery in the operating room. After the patient recovers his health, you enter the fitting room and get dressed. You can choose long sandy hair, long maroon hair or short black hair. Select a white-blue jacket, a denim shirt or a pink shirt with a green scarf. You wear a floral skirt, black pants or jeans. There are brown wellingtons, pink boots, and yellow boots.


Players can gain some achievements if they finish missions of friv old game player. You have the scalpel samurai if you slice the making in a single stroke perfectly. You have a bone cutter when you cut all the shattered bone sections. You get a new bone after you attach all the implants. You own a wound shutter if you close the wounds with staples. When you finish stage 1, you will become an orthopedic surgeon. You are a keen fashionista after you try all cloth items. You are a quick picker if you try only one item. You have the perfect haircut after you pick the short hair. You become an expert surgeon when you have repeated stage 1 twice.  


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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