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You are a happy bunny as playing Beachball Online at Friv.land. Have a getaway and go to the beach. It’s wonderful to play sports under the sunlight. You catch big air, make dunks and try hard to win all matches. Beachball Online game is spellbinding in frivd. Don’t let the ball drop down your pitch.

Beachball Online free game is sports game at Friv.land. Do you like sports? Do you love to play on the beach? This game’s matches take place on a sunny beach. So great! You do not lie down and sunbathe. You will move your body and improve your health on frivd games. Play with the ball and get scores.

Firstly, you choose your character and region. You make a choice between a monkey and a cat. You can use other characters after getting high scores. There are four balls. They are a rainbow-like ball, basketball, watermelon, and a bunch of banana. You are allowed to use the first ball. You must unlock the rest balls of frivd player games. The game records your coins, victories, matches, and levels. You can sign in to save xp or play with friends by sending the link to them.

You compete with another player. Some rule you should remember is the player getting 11 points firstly will be the winner of the match. Try hard to earn scores and coins. Each player has own ball. You gain some xp and your see your result after the game ends. Collect enough xp to open the next characters at frivd games 2018. If you win, go on the journey. As you fail, rematch or start a new game. 

It’s necessary to move fast and cleverly. You must make good jumps to hit the ball and throw it through the opponent zone. If the ball touches your ground, the opponents will get one point. New characters are turtle, kitten, goldfish and so on. Some icons appear when you make good. If a player gets one point, that player will have right to launch the ball later.

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  • Use the left and right arrow to move.
  • Use the up arrow to jump and double up arrow to jump.
  • Use the double left arrow or double right arrow to dash.
  • Use down arrow to dive.
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