Car Runner GamePlay:

Endless runner games come to free online Games friv with a variety of versions. Although they have quite the same gameplay, each choice brings to you a different experience and you won’t waste your time playing them. Now, let’s welcome the latest addition to our site. It’s called Car Runner. Instead of driving your car around, you will have an endless car driving journey in your lovely car.

Your ultimate goal is to go to the furthest. Your achievement is calculated by the number of minutes you survive. Like other endless runner games, you move to the left and right to avoid barriers and jump over the obstacles to stay safe. On the way, while trying hard to avoid crashing into obstacles, you also collect as many coins as possible. Later on, you can use coins to purchase new cars and drive your new cars to the furthest.

One of the most special features of this game compared to other games of the same genres at https://friv.land/ is that you can play with your family or friends or compete against them. It’s better to play a game with someone than play by yourself, isn’t it? This makes the game more competitive and enjoyable. The farther you go, the more challenges you deal with. Your car keeps the same speed from the beginning and you can’t slow down or speed up. The only thing you can do is to move to the left, right, and jump.

Concentration is the key to keeping your car alive for a long time; therefore, stay focused to tackle every single obstacle ahead. Enjoy your time here and have fun with other games such as Spiderman Motorbike and Parking Jam Out.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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