Christmas Puzzle GamePlay:

Nothing is better than playing some Christmas-themed game while waiting for Christmas and on Christmas. Do you agree with that? Here at Friv Land, you will find lots of Christmas games from different genres. Today, let’s check out a Christmas-theme puzzle. This game will bring you to the candy world where you have to collect one type of candy for each character. Yes, they want to have some candies for Christmas and it’s your job to give them to your guests.

Just like other match-3 puzzles, you have to swap the position of 2 items to gather groups of more than 3 identical candies to collect them. With 4 identical candies, you get a striped candy that helps you eliminate a row or a column of candies. When you gather a group of 5 identical candies, you create a special lollipop. By swapping it with any type of candy, all items of that type will be collected.

However, you have to fulfill the requirement of each character within a certain number of moves on https://friv.land/. Try to use as few moves as you can, the leftover moves will turn into special items and give you more points. Besides these power-ups, you also have some unique items. They are shown at the bottom of each level. But you need to reach a certain level to unlock each of them. They are a hammer, row rift candy, magic bomb, and candy mitt.

All of them are helpful. They will help you overcome the challenges as you level up and help you easier to collect candies. You can enjoy this game at Christmas or anytime. Have fun and there are so many must-tried games on our site. Some of them are Adam And Eve Go Xmas and Among them Hide N Seek 2.


Swap candies by using your left click.

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