City Car Driving GamePlay:

City Car Driving is a captivating racing game in Friv.land. You will make a decision to buy a car and take part in city races. Speed up, turn right, turn left and leave opponents behind. Drag about the ability to control direction. What about playing City Car Driving game right now? Take a glance at friv 2.


City Car Driving free game is a driving-racing game. You discover streets and tracks in the city. The game provided plenty of cars. We have Lamborghini Huracan, Audi A6, Audi S3 Sedan, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Bugatti Chiron, Mercedes Benz S600, Lexus LFA, Ford Focus ST MK3, Toyota Corolla, and so on. Select your favorite car on friv 2 games.


You start to race through the highway. There are a variety of cars on the road. You both drive car going forward and dodge other vehicles. Choose a mode from three modes. There is the one-way mode, two-way modes, and time-attack mode. The one-way mode is the easiest mode. You drive on a one-way road of friv 2 online games.


In the two-way mode, you move on the two-way street. Therefore, more vehicles move, so you drive flexibly to avoid them. It is more challenging than the one-way mode. Go as far as possible. Don’t bump into cars! Collect money on the way. Use the money to buy new cars and upgrade your existing car. The farther you go, the more points you receive. Attempt to unlock all cars and set the highest score.  There are various weather modes. Realistic customization and graphics satisfy players in https://friv.land/.


Recommend the game to companions and rate it highly. Send your feedback to us. If you have a fancy for driving games, search games like City Car Driving Simulator 3 and Crazy Stunt Cars.


How to play:                                                                                                                                        

  • Use arrows or W A D to drive.
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