Color Cross 2 GamePlay:

Color Cross 2 is an enjoyable and challenging puzzle-arcade game that you may have never tried before. If you have found one that has the same gameplay at Friv Land, say its name. So what is it about? What is exactly your mission? You play as Jimmy. Your goal is to reach the flag and collect a star. To reach that flag and collect that star, you have to pass platforms that keep changing color with your footsteps.

You can collide with platforms of your color. You can switch your color with each jump and you have to switch your color at the right moment to safely walk on the platforms and reach your goal. Timing your tap or click is the key factor. If you switch your color sooner or later just one second, you will fail. On some levels, you need to try several times to finish your mission. Switch the color to make the platforms become solid and to make the walls disappear so that you can go through. Like other platform games at https://friv.land, the challenges become more challenging as you level up.

At the later levels, everything is as simple as the previous one. Besides, being fast and precious while switching your color, you also need to be slow and careful in every step you take to avoid falling. It’s ok to fail. You have unlimited time to try and complete your missions; therefore, when you fail, don’t give up. Just restart that level and be more careful than the previous time and you will succeed. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to check out other worth-playing games such as Squid Pop it and Gnam Gnam

Instructions: Space to switch your color and arrow keys to move.

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