Cooking Christmas Traditional Food GamePlay:

How to cook traditional Christmas food? Have you had any plans for cooking for Christmas? If you haven’t had any ideas, Cooking Christmas Traditional Food will show you some traditional food recipes for Christmas and teach you how to cook. The menu includes in the total of 6 dishes that make you mouthwatering: roast turkey, salmon, smoked ham, pudding, and gingerbread. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s start cooking.

Put on your apron and chef hat and prepare ingredients for all dishes. The recipes are really hard to make because each has many different ingredients and steps, but don’t worry. With the detailed instructions at cooking games, you will succeed in cooking these dishes. For deserts, you just need to mix dry ingredients with dry ingredients to make a smooth texture, then pour it to the mold or cut into shapes. Put batter into the oven and wait until it cooks. That’s it. With dinner dishes, you have to prepare a lot of seasonings, herbs and more to make the dishes become more delicious. You also use some cooking methods like fry, bake, and roast.

On friv unblocked, you can place it on the plate and garnish with some decorations for Christmas. After 5 dishes are done, your final mission is to place them to the table and enjoy. Dig in these delicious Christmas traditional food and enjoy a happy Christmas day with your family and friend. Merry Christmas! Show of your cooking skills in other games such as Cooking Scene and  Turkey Cooking Simulator.


Use left mouse to perform every step.