Cooking Match GamePlay:

Cooking Match is a fantastic match-3 puzzle game with bubble shooter gameplay that brings you to the desert world. How many match-3 puzzle games have you ever played at friv for school? It’s uncountable, isn’t it? If you love this gameplay, this is a great option to enjoy. Your main goal is to collect as many cakes as possible by matching more than 3 of the same cakes.

However, you don’t do it by swapping cakes. Instead, you shoot a cake which is a different cake each time at a group that has more than 2 of the same cakes. It’s not a level-based game. That’s why you don’t have to collect a certain number of cakes or finish a level within a given time. The cakes that you have to collect will move gradually to the bottom and the game ends only when a cake touches the bottom of the screen; therefore, make sure you keep an eye on every single cake that intends to reach the bottom.

Unlike other match-3 games at https://friv.land/ in which you will get a special item when you match more than 3 of the same items, this game just gives you extra points for that. You don’t have any boosters here. Move the pink arrow at the bottom to shoot the cake at the right target. As you proceed, the game becomes more challenging as the moving speed of the cakes is faster.

Manage to get as high scores as you can to set your own record, then you can break it later. Have a great gaming experience here and don’t forget to check out more games on our site such as Simple Samosa and Super Sugar Hallucination

Instructions: Mouse.

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