Dragon Ball Battle GamePlay:

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous action fight game with the kids and this time, friov brings you a new version of the series. A brand new fighting game begins with Dragon Ball Battle online game! The mechanism of the game remains unchanged and it's the same as the original version. The players will play the role of different characters and emerge in a tournament to figure out the champion. Only the strongest and the skillful players can reach the top.


In order to claim the title of the winner, you need to use your skills to defeat the enemies in a hand-to-hand combat. For each round, bear in mind that besides staying alive, you have an additional mission. Collect all the beans and gold coins to increase your energy and then, you will be able to unlock new equipment and characters.


After you have progressed further in this game, you will go head to head with the ultimate bosses like Freezer Ghost, Piccolo Ghost, and Super Buu Ghost. Call your friends for some support and participate in the battles with many characters like Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, Gohan and Majin Buu to your fights.


There is a total of 32 fighters in this series so you should take the time to know the characteristics of each fighter in order to take advantage of their strengths. Such a game with elaborated gameplay, fun challenges, and beautifully designed graphics will capture the attention of players of all ages. Take some time off and try out numerous games like Space Big Gun and Battle Royale



Use the mouse to play this games

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