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Elsa Dream Of Butterfly is a special game in Friv.land. One day, Elsa has a strange dream about butterflies. She gets lost in the world of colorful flying wings. They show Elsa pretty flowers, do a makeover and give her stunning costumes at frivv. Elsa Dream Of Butterfly game takes you to a fairy country.

Elsa Dream Of Butterfly online game is an adventure of Elsa. She dreams a weird dream about butterflies. They are gorgeous and delicate animals. Butterflies make friends with the princess. Elsa has a few troubles with her appearance. New friends are going to support her. You help the queen too. The first task is to pluck flowers on frivi. You need to collect a variety of sweet flowers to put petals in her bathtub. You go to an evergreen garden and take flowers. You pluck roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, and gerberas. Put flowers in a rattan basket.

Next, prepare a medicine flower bathtub. Choose a kind of flower to make up flower bath water. Each flower has a separate function. You decide to take a type of flower. Light fragrant candle cups to make a comfortable atmosphere. Elsa’s hair is tangled, so you wash her hair. Apply shampoo on her hair. Massage to create bubbles, wash clean with water in unblocked friv games. Use a towel to tap the hair dry. Comb her hair. Apply cream on her face and put 2 slices of cucumber on her eyes. Wait for 30 minutes. Wash her face with water and dry it. Remove acne and epilate her eyebrows.

The last part is to dress up. She can try on imposing dresses which are inspired by flowers and butterflies. They are eye-catching and colorful. Choose a nice hairstyle and put on a headband on diep.io unblocked player games. Headbands are also designed with ideas from butterflies and leaves. Wear two shining bracelets and a pair of shoes. The most special item is a pair of wings. Elsa will look like an angle. Wings twinkle and attract you for sure. Finally, Elsa becomes beautiful and glamorous.

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Use the mouse to play.

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