Elsa's Rainbow Style 1 Eye Makeup GamePlay:

Makeup makes girls feel more confident and makeup is a must-do for most girls before going out. Elsa doesn’t go out without makeup. She always tries new styles of makeup to refresh herself. In Elsa's Rainbow Style 1 Eye Makeup, you will witness the makeup process that Elsa always perform and you will give her a hand to help her wear a new style of makeup called Rainbow Style.

Are you ready to discover beauty style of the ice queen? Learning to apply eye makeup in the right way is no simple task. If you are a newbie in makeup, you can learn much from Elsa and she allows you to do makeup for her. How to choose the right shade for the eye and skin tone of Elsa? Don’t worry. At friv Games play, you have all cosmetic products and the chose shade of everything. You just need to apply for Elsa.

Just start from all steps you go through every day. Apply from primer, foundation, to power and blush to create a base. Elsa with the bare face is beautiful, but with the makeup layer, she becomes more stunning. Next, it’s time to do eye makeup. Rainbow eye makeup is the hottest trend nowadays. Elsa can’t wait to try it. You have a pallet of 7 colors of the rainbow.

Let’s keep doing your mission. Apply for Elsa in a creative way. How does she look with new, special eye makeup style? She looks gorgeous as usual. You can horn your makeup skills more with other choices of girls games such as Elsa Long Hair Vs Short Hair Fashion and Frozen Sisters Afternoon Tea Cooking at http://friv.land.

Instructions: Apply makeup for Elsa by using your mouse.