Five Nights at Candy’s GamePlay:

Five Nights at Candy’s may make you scream out loud at Friv.land. If you have a fancy for horror movies, you can’t neglect this game. Experiencing five nights at a toy store which everyone has evil rumors about will be an unforgettable memory. You discover the truth while playing Five Nights at Candy’s game of vfriv.


Five Nights at Candy’s free game is so thrilling. A restaurant named Candy’s Burgers and Fries looks for a new security guard at night. You also need a part-time job. You apply for that job and you are admitted. You work night-shift in 5 nights from 12 am to 6 am. Your duty is to keep an eye on everything in the restaurant. However, there are some rumors about this place in vfriv games. Some say that a robot-like monster has attacked employees in the restaurant.


You are in the monitor room and observe cameras. The room has 2 open doors. You cannot shut them down. There is a desk in front of you. A fan, lamps, and computer are on the desk. The restaurant has installed 12 cameras on vfriv player games and put them everywhere. You can know what is happening in the restaurant by watch screens. Stay alert!


The game contains flashlight and loud noise. You can stop them by click on a Mute button. To see another room, you click on the camera and turn on night vision mode. For example, you want to know the situation in room 1. You open camera map from vfriv online games, click on Cam 1, turn on night vision function and observe. In the room 1, just one robot is leaning on the wall. You can observe the room from side to side by moving the mouse. You aren’t given any weapons. The power is limited, so don’t waste it. If you are unlucky and attacked by a bloody evil robot, you will lose your life. Replay by press New game button. We notify when 1 night ends. Go out of your way to survive after 5 nights.


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to see cameras and observe.
  • Press Space to use the night vision mode.
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