Candy Blocks GamePlay:

Candy Blocks is a fun and easy to play but hard to master puzzle game for those who want to train their brain sometimes or want to kill time if there is nothing to do. No matter what your reason is, you always have fun here. This game tests your observation and hand-eye coordination as well. The rule is simple. All you need to do at Friv new games is to place many different blocks in different shape into the right spot. The block must fit the place. With no limited time or move, you can freely solve the puzzle.

The game offers tons of levels requires you to finish the current one to unlock the next stage. On http://friv.land/, you should expect that the puzzle is much harder over time. Face challenges will bring a better gaming experience, right? With simple control mechanism, you just need to drag the blocks and drop it in the right place, even kids can play. And it’s more interesting and funnier when playing with other peoples. They can be your friends or family members. If you put a block in the wrong place, the game is over.

Sometimes, in each level, the game shows some blocks first. Until you place all these blocks other ones appear. This makes you harder to solve the puzzle. But you just have to play again that current level instead of starting from the beginning. Challenging and entertaining, the game is worth for you to try. Enhance your logical thinking and have fun with other games such as Happy Glass and Stickman Rise Up Escape.

Instructions: Use your left mouse button to drag and drop the blocks.