Frozen Princess Hidden Object GamePlay:

Another amazing puzzle game has come to https://friv.land/ and its name is Frozen Princess Hidden Object. Frozen princess is a princess but her rooms are always messy. As soon as her room is tidy, she messes it up again. At the moment, she needs some items but she can’t find them anywhere. That is understandable. How she can find what she needs in such a messy room? Can you help her?

Your main mission here is to find all items that our princess needs in 3 different rooms. Each room is a game mode that offers 3 challenges including Normal in which all the items have been revealed. You just need to find them without limited time, Silhouette in which you don’t know what you have to find because all items haven’t been revealed.

Based on the shadows of those objects, you will have to find them, and finally, Time Attacked in which you have to find all objects within a given time. What is the princess looking for? Here at friv land, they are bows, ribbons, cocktails, crowns, clocks, hearts, diamonds, shoes, bags, and so on. She needs those objects in order to get dressed for the party tonight. No one can help her except you.

That’s why you are here. Hopefully, after this event, our princess will learn a new lesson. She needs to tidy up her rooms, so she can easily find what she wants, right? This game is enjoyable and everyone can play it, even kids. Don’t tap or click randomly because you will get a penalty if you find something wrong. Have fun and check out other cool games such as Baby Taylor Christmas Reindeer Fun and My Trendy Ball Gown.

Instructions: Mouse.