Happy Halloween GamePlay:

Have you prepared everything for this Halloween? Even if you have everything well-prepared or you haven’t prepared anything yet, let’s enjoy a great time with the lastest match-3 game on friv play. Add this game to your Halloween must-played game list and make Halloween more fun. It’s nothing better than relax with an amazing game after a Halloween feast. As its name, this game is about Halloween in which you have to collect all Halloween stuff such as all kinds of candies, pumpkins, Halloween ornaments, and more. You make it by connecting more than 3 items of the same type.

Just connect them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. However, make sure you collect what each level requires because in each stage, you have to collect a certain number of items within a given number of moves and these items must belong to a certain type. At https://friv.land/, if you haven’t finished your mission yet while you run out of moves, the next level won’t be unlocked. So try one more time and have a better performance.

The level in this game has a different mechanism. Sometimes you have to collect pumpkins, sometimes you have to remove all casket, and sometimes, you have to make the bats and ghosts drop to the bottom row. This makes the game always refresh and attractive. You will see 4 power-ups at the bottom of the game board. They will help you a lot but they won’t be available at the beginning.

After conquering a certain number of levels, each of them will be unlocked. Try to use as few moves as possible because when you finish the level, the remaining steps will earn you bonus points. Happy Halloween and check out other games on our site such as Sweet Candy Halloween and Frisbee Forever 2.

How to play:

Use your mouse to connect the same items.

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