Little Princess Magical Tale GamePlay:

Little Princess Magical Tale brings you to the magical world where you will embark on an adventure with a princess. Let’s discover the first part of the story that gives you the first look at what you need to do in this game at Friv Land. Once upon a time, the witch Baba Yaga dared steal the thing that made Koschey the Immortal. That was an immortal needle. Using her witchcraft, she prayed where it was kept and headed there.

Baba Yaga sneaked into a mysterious cave and stole the immortal needle. Without this needle, the Immortal is in danger. Then, find it and bring it back are your mission. It’s a story-based puzzle and adventure game that you have to follow the course of the story and make the right choices to move on. Each puzzle gives you 2 options and each option leads to a different result. You have to choose the right option if you want to advance. On https://friv.land/, if you have a wrong choice, you can have another try. Start once again from where you fail instead of starting once again from the beginning. This game is a perfect choice for kids from 5 to 7 years old. However, everyone can enjoy it.

Besides an interesting short story, kids will learn something from here through each mission they deal with like shape recognition, problem-solving skills, and so on. In short, if you look for a game for relaxing or for kids, just have a look at this game and it won’t let you down. It’s kind of short then after you finish it, you still have time to explore other games on our site. Some of the best games you should try at least once are Penguin Diner 2


Use your mouse.

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