Low Poly Smash Cars GamePlay:

Low Poly Smash Cars brings you to a battle of cars in which you have only one objective which is to crush every single of the opponents’ cars to become the last man standing. Yes, it’s a racing or driving game. It’s not about passing other racers to cross the finish line first. It’s all about crushing and exploding. The game features 10 levels and you should expect that the challenging level increases after each level. To unlock a new level, you have to be the winner of the current level, and to win, you have to destroy every single car on the map.

To destroy your opponents’ cars, you should speed up and crash from their side. Face-to-face attack and you will also get damaged. So, it’s best to attack from the side of enemies’ cars. Each car has limited HP and there is no way to recover your health. Remember that you must be the only one who survives to move to the next round. If you end up with second or third place, you have to start the battle again and again until you win. Your reckless driving skills and crashing talents will be tested. Watch out for your opponents.

They can approach you from everywhere. Get ready all the time to run away from them or fight back. Never stop. You should always move around. This makes you less vulnerable to attacks. Before starting a battle, you can choose your favorite car from several options. They are all free. You don’t need to earn money to unlock new cars like in other Frivland driving games. Good luck! Try your best to become the last survivor to advance to the next level. Enjoy other games such as Slope Bike 2 and Pocket Drift 3D.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move and Space to brake.

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