Slope Bike 2 GamePlay:

Slope Bike 2 is the latest endless bike-riding game that you can enjoy at Racing Games. It’s simple yet challenging and addicting. It has the same gameplay as the first sequel but brings you something more special. Are you curious about your goal? It’s to ride your bike to the furthest. To make it, you have to control your bike skillfully through a series of obstacles. In this hypercasual-themed arcade racing game, everything sounds super simple but it doesn’t. You have only one life and you ride your bike on the endless track floating in the air.

It means if you do not stay focused, you not only bump into obstacles but also fall off the track. And if that happens, you will have to start from the beginning. As the same as other Frivland endless runner games, this option also offers several special items for you to pick up. Besides coins as usual, you also can get shield boosters, magnet boosters, and X2 boosters. A shield protects you from obstacles. A magnet helps you collect many coins at the same time and X2 will help you double the coins you collect. However, these items have a short time of usage. Make sure you take full advantage of them before they are expired.

With the coins that you have collected, you can unlock new skins for your biker and bike as well as buy Shield, Magnet, and X2 upgrades. These upgrades extend the usage times of the power-ups. Remember that your bike auto-moves ahead. All you need to do is to move to the other lanes of the track to avoid obstacles. In addition to this bike racing game, Motor Rush and Pocket Drift 3D are two of the best choices that you should try out. Have fun!

Instructions: Left/right arrow keys.

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