Mini Royale.io GamePlay:

IO game combine with shooting and survival game create Mini Royale.io - a must-try game that you should play at least one to know how great it is. You’re gonna have 3in1 experience that can’t find in other games at friv Games free. Put a cool name, find a match and you parachute into an abandoned city full of other players. You are allowed to choose a favorite landing position on the map before starting the battle.

Like other battle royale game, the first thing you have to do is to move around and look for some useful stuff and weapons. You don’t want to face any enemies with your bare hands for sure. So be quick to pick up something that you can use to defend yourself. There are 8 players on a map and each match lasts 5 minutes.

The last survivor is the winner on http://friv.land/. The map is small. It’s not as large as the other ones so the competition is even fiercer. You and your enemies will meet regularly. So make sure you equip yourself with weapons and equipment. Arm yourself as quickly as possible in the first few minutes and hunt down your enemies. If you become a target of many players, you should find a place to hide on friv Games free. Alone facing many enemies at once is not a good choice.

The strategy to win the most effective is to take down one by one. Among 8 players, who will be the last man standing? Are you able to be the king of the battlefield? Check it out! More battle royale games available on our site. Try out more options such as BotBattles .io and Braains2. io.

Instructions: WASD to move, left click to shoot, F to interact, R to reload, space to jump.

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