Minicraft: Imposter War GamePlay:

Minicraft: Imposter War is amongst the most intriguing Friv Minecraft games in 2 players that we've seen on our website so far, a composite you don't see often, but this one is quite tremendous, as it features both Steve and Alex as protagonists, managed by two people at the same time, who have to defend their base and win the game against imposters, and not the variety from Among Us, but disturbing ones!

To begin, let us explain how you control your two mini-characters, as the world has been reduced in size while remaining dangerous. The two characters' home must still be secured at all times from enemies, so buy wood and replace damaged doors, mirrors, or whatever else has been damaged by that of the wars.

You can also pick up ammunition and weapons from there, and then take them out into the streets to defeat the foes, shooting them back while ensuring your own survival. To avoid more damage, keep repairing the house just like needed and shooting down zombies and enemies who attack it. Both players will lose if you are overtaken. Teamwork is crucial for having the most fun, so give this game a try right now, why wait?

It's an opportunity to get your hands on the free world full of amazing adventure games like Desert Drone v2 after having played this one, so don't be shy!


  • Player 1: Uses WASD for movement, T to fire, and Y to interact.
  • Player 2: Uses the ARROWS for movement, O to fire, and P to interact.
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