Monster Block GamePlay:

Are you ready for a race against speed? Here in Monster Block at https://friv.land/, your main objective is to lead a monster block to the finish area by making it grow up. Instead of making it grow bigger, you will increase the number of blocks with each tap or click. The aim is to make it pass every single obstacle ahead. Each time you click or tap on the screen, a new block appears on top of the existing block.

And each time you face an obstacle, you will lose a number of blocks. Basically, the height of the blocks must be taller than the height of the obstacles. If it’s shorter, the blocks can’t pass the obstacles and as a result, you have to restart that level. This game is enjoyable and it’s not too hard to play. You just need to take action at the right time. While you can increase the number of blocks, you can’t make some blocks disappear.

That’s why you should be careful when you tap or click. Don’t make too many blocks. Otherwise, it may hit the obstacles on the top. This is one of the best fast-paced action platformer endless runner games that you must try at friv land. It’s easy enough but also challenging enough to keep you hooked for hours.

Kids can enjoy this game as well as the rules and controls are simple. This game doesn’t require you to spend time practicing. Start the game and you can master the controls and gameplay right away. If you want to explore more games as enjoyable as that option, you can find many different choices such as Steve Alex Drive and Steve Alex Drive. Besides, don’t forget that new games will be added every day. Enjoy your free time!

How to play: Mouse.

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