Mountain Hop GamePlay:

One of the most addicting games from Friv land must be Mountain Hop online game! It's a long and dangerous way down the mountain, so the little pink rabbit needs your help. The main goal is to hop your way down the mountain. This game is an endless game with multiple obstacles, so you need a great stamina and consistency to keep on jumping for as long as possible.

Your score will be calculated based on the length of the journey and the number of blocks. In order to keep the rabbit safe, make sure to avoid obstacles such as poison spikes, holes, cracks, bombs and dangerous wild animals. There are random stars which will pop up along the way. If you manage to collect many stars, you will be able to use them to unlock new characters and buy some accessories for the rabbit. Don't worry if you haven't been familiar with this kind of game. At http://friv.land, we provide a simple tutorial to guide you through. How many characters will you be able to unlock?

There are multiple cute rabbits, sheep, bears, and elephants. Moreover, the enemy characters like the Grim Reaper, lions, zombies and wolves will approach unexpectedly to make the game more interesting. Take advantage of waterfalls to move faster and have fun sliding down the waterfalls! Let's come to experience this upbeat theme with more games like Happy Glass and Arcade Darts

Instructions: use the left and right arrow keys to move.

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