Hop Ballz 3D GamePlay:

The beat starts dropping, why you still stand there? Hop right now to make your record in this fun music game. Listen to music and experience exciting gameplay is possible in Hop Ballz 3D. Enjoy a seamless experience with music as you control a ball hop through the music tiles and try your best to go as far as possible.

Here at http://friv.land/, you can find a lot of games similar to this game but what makes it unique is the gaming experience and music. Each of these games is enjoyable in a different way, so try them all if you love to play the game and listen to music. This game is all about keeping the bouncing ball hopping on the music tiles while the beat drops. Miss any tiles or fall, then the music stops, you lose and have to play from the beginning. The best thing is that you can collect stars along the way to unlock new skins for the ball.

On friv, you may notice that each music target looks like a target with a bullseye. If the ball lands on that point, you earn an extra. Simple one-finger or one-click control even make this game more awesome. Players of all ages can enjoy without any problems. Play several times to raise your score and take the top position on the leaderboard. This game puts you into a test and it tests your finger-speed. Timing your hop to get the best result each time you jump, then you can earn more points. Don't forget to discover other options such as Megalodon and Backflip Maniac

Controls: Tap or click to hop.

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