Neon Ball 3D GamePlay:

Neon Ball 3D is a captivating game at Friv.land. You had better be fast to move on the sinuous road. Keep the balance and save your only life. The adventure is not a piece of cake at all. You focus on running and move smartly. Instructions show you the rope. Neon Ball 3D game of friv games to play is ready.
Neon Ball 3D free game is a running game. You visit a world of bendy roads and balls. There is a long endless road hovering in the air. You control a ball and make it move on the road. The ball is yellow with black and red rings. It just moves ahead. You have to direct it in friv games to play online. Turn left and turn right at the right time. The road is flat but it very tortuous and crooked. Be in the zone.

You control the ball. Don’t let the ball fall down! The ball turns right and turns right to continue its journey. The ball will collect colorful dots on the way. It is like an extra mission. The main task is surviving. Stay on the road. The structure of the road is very complicated. It has lots of bends and the length of bends is different.

We record how long the road is and how far you go on friv games to play player. There are 3 checkpoints. Some signs appear when you are about to cross a checkpoint. When you go through a checkpoint, the ball changes its color and patterns. A mini-map shows the entire road you have to finish. You lose the game if the ball falls out of the road. You replay and go on another road. The road has one separate color and pattern in each time you play. You must act fast to complete the trip.

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How to play:

  • Use right/left arrow to move to the right/left.
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