Pocahontas Dress Up GamePlay:

Pocahontas wants to change her style into something more fashionable and modern for her new adventure but she doesn’t know where to start and how to start. She needs someone who can help her and it’s you. Here in Pocahontas Dress Up at https://friv.land/, you will come to Virginia – Pocahontas’ homeland to help her to change her look. Everything is ready for use from hair colors, dresses, and accessories to footwear and weapons. An important thing you should keep in your mind is that Pocahontas doesn’t want to have a new haircut.

She wants to keep her current hairstyle and she just wants to dye it. What color do you think she suits? Purple? Blue? Pink or brown? What about a new dress? Help her try each dress on to make sure you can pick the best one for her. Her current make-up look is also out of fashion. With her beautiful face, what she needs right now is the latest make-up look of the year. How does Pocahontas look now?

She is already stunning but with your sense of fashion, she becomes more gorgeous, right? This friv land girl game is a great choice for kids and anyone who loves fashion games, make-up games, and dress-up games. Kids can play without parents’ help because all they need to do is to tap or click on what they want to try.

Each time you play, you can choose for Pocahontas only one outfit. If you want to give her several options, let’s restart the game several times. Have a fun time with Pocahontas and you can show off your talent and skills in many games on our site such as Save The Prince and Fun Dress Up Game.

Instructions: Mouse.

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