Princess Escape GamePlay:

Princess Escape is a fun puzzle game about a princess who is trapped in a castle of evil wants to escape from this hell. In this amazing Friv Land game, she includes you in her plan. She needs you to lead her to get rid of there. The castle is heavily guarded. You have to avoid the sentinels. They patrol all the time with a torch. How to pass them and reach the exit? It’s up to you. When the sentinels turn their backs to you, you quickly move towards.

If a sentinel comes close to you and makes sure you run far away. A sentinel holds a torch. If you are in the light of the torch, you get caught. Do you see 3 stars scattered on the ground, try to collect all of them to finish each level perfectly? You don’t have to escape within a certain amount of time. Therefore, take your time to approach the exit. Taking action slowly is better than taking action quickly but dangerous.

You can find so many games like this one at https://friv.land/. They have quite similar gameplay and you may have played several options like that, right? This game seems to be easy but just some first levels. The later levels won’t be easy as the previous ones. More guards are sent to keep watch the princess and more obstacles appear to stop the princess from escaping.

You have to plan your move in advance. Don’t move without thinking because escaping from the evil castle is a real challenge. The princess doesn’t want to be kept in that castle forever. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Missor World and Pumpkin Carving.

How to play: Mouse or arrow keys to move.

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