Princess Eye Makeup 2 GamePlay:

Princess Eye Makeup 2 is a typical girl game in Friv.land. Of course, it is about the makeup progress of Disney princesses. Jazzing up Eyes isn’t a piece of cake. What will girls do? They will select domestic products and do makeup.  Princess Eye Makeup 2 of friv com games won’t turn you down. Just relax!


Princess Eye Makeup 2 free game is like a competition for makeup artists. Four princesses, Snow White, Jasmine, Jasmine, Aurora, and Ariel are close friends. They help each other in the daily life. On a weekend, while they are chatting, they burst an idea. They are putting makeup on their face. Especially, their eyes are impressing you. Let’s do this at www friv com games


The first step is choosing a random princess. Pick a favorite Disney girl. You are just accountable for makeup. You aren’t responsible for choosing cloth items. You are offered many cosmetic products and tools. You have a kit of makeup tools. There are 4 kinds of eyeshadow. Firstly, apply pink eyeshadow on the eyelids. Then apply gray eyeshadow on the layer of previous eyeshadow. The gray color just covers one part of that layer on friv com games online.


Draw black doodles to jazz up eyelids. Apply pastel eyeshadow on two layers. Use a small brush to sprinkle tiny lames on the eyelids. Thicken and lengthen her eyelash by using mascara. Draw imposing patterns on her eyelids. The pink blusher is the next product to use.  Apply it on her cheeks. She will love the red lipstick. Now you finish making up for one princess. Continue doing the makeover for three princesses. Spin the makeup brush professionally.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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