Princess Street Dance Battle GamePlay:

Princesses Elsa and Anna are not only famous for their beauty, kindness but also for the love with street dance. They have joined a hip hop dance club for a long time. They practice regularly and become 2 of the best dancers in Princess Street Dance Battle but they haven’t competed for each other yet. Today is a great chance for them to have a dance battle. Here at Friv girls game, before starting the battle, they need to be well prepared.

A suitable outfit plays an important role in dancing. They want to buy a new outfit and shoes for this battle. Your mission is to help them dress up perfectly. It’s not too hard because you are a top stylist and have a great sense of fashion. You will succeed in this mission. Let’s start with Anna. On http://friv.land/, there are so many hip hop styles for you to choose from. All of them are great. To make sure you choose the best outfit for each one, you must let them try on one by one outfit, then make a suitable decision. They look so cool now. However, they seem to be missing something.

Some accessories such as a long necklace or a cool bracelet is a great choice to make them cooler. Mix and match all items to come up with the best result. Besides, they can wear a pair of high heels to dance but a pair of high-quality shoes. Do you think who is the winner in this battle? Let’s guess. Don’t forget to dominate the fashion world in Harley Quinn: From Messy To Classy and Sisters Nails Design.

Instructions: Choose hip hop clothes for 2 princesses by using your mouse.

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