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Princesses Off To School is lovely girl game at Friv.land. After summer vacation, two royal girls have to back to school. You will be a dedicated assist helping them. Do your best to pick stunning costumes, adorn a table, write and send an honest love letter. Princesses Off To School game of frivc welcomes you!

One day, in Princesses Off To School free game, Jasmine asks Aurora what she has been up to all summer.  Aurora definitely had a blast. However, summer is over now, and it’s time to prep up for school. Choose school outfits with to princesses. Firstly, you do a makeover for Jasmine. Choose a hairstyle for her in frivc games. Guess she wants the bun, long straight hair, braids or shoulder-length hair. Try on cloth items. You can make available sets of clothes or mix items together. We have tank tops with colors of yellow, dark purple, black, and white. Some slogans are printed on the shirts.

You decide to select shorts, denim skirt, long skirt or pink jeans. You pick dresses with the pattern of roses. Sets include a light purple shirt with and a pink skirt a brown shirt with a tie and blue skirt. You choose a striped shirt, blue, dark green or purple waistcoat. There are 4 schoolbags on frivc free games. One looks like a handbag. One has the picture of Mickey Mouse. Next, many accessories are in the fitting room. The girl may wear glasses, a choker, blue book, smartphone, and earphone.

It’s time to help Aurora. Take a nice hairstyle. Choose a shirt among red, black, polka dots and violet ones. Put on denim shorts, brown skirt, long yellow skirt or jeans. You also let her wear elegant blue and pink dresses. Choose a suitable coat among coats with various patterns at frivc player games. Select a school bag from the collection. We provide a blue bag, pink bag, brown bag, and a dark blue bag. At last, she wears glasses, a choker and holds a book, smartphone, and earphone.

Let’s greet boys. Jasmine has a boyfriend. She wants to decorate a table and send a message to him. You choose a color among green, pink, purple, and blue to paint the table. Write a love message on the table. Four pens with four ink colors will help you to write 4 sentences. Pick one and note down in frivc for school. Put things on the table like glasses, a book, pencil case, and her diary. Her boyfriend will be surprised by her idea.

Aurora shall write a love letter. Use one of four pens to write. Each pen has an ink color and expresses a different message. Put cute stickers on the letter and choose a good-looking envelope. Next mission is to deliver that letter to the boy she is smitten with. There are 4 boys and you must aim well and choose the right boy, Phillip. Now you finish all tasks. Congratulations!
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  • Use the mouse to play.
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