Red Ball Christmas love GamePlay:

Let’s enjoy the Christmas holiday in Red Ball Christmas Love at Friv Land – a fun adventure game which is the Christmas version of Red Ball that you may have tried before. Red Ball and his girlfriend are preparing for Christmas but unfortunately, his girlfriend is captured by evil. How can Red Ball save her? He needs your help to find and bring her girlfriend home before Christmas is here.

Roll Red Ball through tons of obstacles and reach the red flag at the end to finish each level. You don’t have to meet several requirements to complete a stage. You just need to collect a key and reach the flag. Each level is an adventure and each adventure is filled with deadly obstacles. You have to pass all those obstacles to reach your final goal. You have 3 lives. When you hit an obstacle, you lose a life but if you fall into the hole, you die without respawning. Therefore, you have to be careful twice when you jump over the holes.

It has the same concept as other adventure games at https://friv.land/ where there is something for you to collect. You may want to gather as many stars as possible. Stars play as in-game currency. You can use stars to unlock new worlds and keep adventuring with a whole new experience. It’s quite hard to control Red Ball because he rolls instead of walks or runs.

With a little bit out of control, you can make him lose his life. The game doesn’t offer limited time, so it’s better to roll slowly. Red Ball and his girlfriend count on you. Wish you luck and make sure you give the following options a try: Santa City Run and Slop City.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move.

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