Red Ball GamePlay:

Red Ball is a cool platform and puzzle game to enjoy online anytime on friv at school. Red Ball is a lovely ball who is really fond of adventuring. He has experienced a lot of adventures and now, he will embark on a new one. If you love adventures like him, don’t hesitate to join him in this fun addicting game. The rule is simple. You control the happy round ball through many levels full of joy and challenges as well.

The puzzle element shows up as you have to use various objects in each level to create a safe path or pass through the deadly traps to advance in the game. To unlock the next adventure, you must reach the red flag at the end of the current stage. Jump over, roll and interact with different objects to conquer all tricky situations. As you level up, you have to deal with more dangers.

Some levels are filled with enemies and deadly traps. Control the rolling speed to avoid falling down on the gaps or anything dangerous along the way at http://friv.land. Importantly, you have to collect as many stars as possible in each stage to unlock new characters. If you reach the red flag without any stars in your pocket, the mission is failed. Remember that you have only 3 lives in each level. Keep your character safe and have a great adventure together. If this journey isn’t enough for you, you can start other ones in Escape the Hapless Princess and Christmas Santa Ride.

How to play: Control your character by using WASD or Arrow keys.

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