Royal Wedding Vs Modern Wedding GamePlay:

The best wedding coordinator in Royal Wedding Vs Modern Wedding game should be the one who can flexibly change between many styles. In gos friv, you will be able to show your talent by decorating two weddings! Take some time off and play with the princesses in Royal Wedding Vs Modern Wedding now!

Are you familiar with Elsa and Anna - the two princesses from Friv land? They are all getting married! It's the most important day in their lives, therefore, we need all hands on deck! In order to prepare for the wedding, they need an assistant to help them carry out the task of choosing the wedding dress, decorating the wedding hall and many more!

However, they are going to hold the weddings in different styles. While Elsa wants a royal wedding, Anna is expecting to host a modern wedding. That's why we need your experience in this Friv land game since you are the only one who can accomplish both tasks. Let's come and host the best weddings ever.

You will be able to choose between a royal wedding and a modern wedding as you wish. Or you can take the time off and try out both of them! It's totally up to you! Your tasks include choosing the wedding dress, help Elsa and Anna with the hair and makeup. The accessories and flower bouquet are also crucial elements of the wedding ceremony as well, so don't forget to decorate them.

Moreover, it's also very important that the wedding hall is beautifully decorated to make the brides and the grooms feel happy during their big days. This game is a new game from Friv land which is suitable for the girls to share with their friends in the playtime. Don't forget to check out some other games with the princesses such as Elsa Parent Child Outfit Collection & Disney Princess Korea Vacation at http://friv.land/. Have fun!


Choose the items and interact with your mouse.

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