Santa Claus Winter Challenge GamePlay:

Draw a line to make a road to help Santa Claus avoid all obstacles and collect as many Christmas gifts as possible is your main mission in Santa Claus Winter Challenge at friv games 2022. The busiest time for Santa Claus has come. He is busy preparing Christmas gifts for good children. Can you give him your hands? Start drawing now. It’s a fun and challenging puzzle game in which each level requires you to help Santa Claus to collect as many Christmas gifts as possible and reach the flag.

You don’t have to collect every single gift. Leaving some behind is ok. As soon as Santa Clause reaches the finish line, your mission is clear and you can move to the next one. To finish each level, you have to draw a line that goes through the Christmas gifts and connect 2 platforms. The challenge here is the obstacles like spikes, flying crows, and so on.

Right after you draw, Santa Claus starts moving and you can’t make him stop, slow down, or speed up. Here at https://friv.land/, with the moving obstacles like a crow, you have to time your action to help Santa Claus avoid that threat. If our Santa Claus hits an obstacle, you have to restart that level.

Besides collecting gifts, you can also pick up shields. This shield will protect Santa Claus from all dangers for 5 seconds. Make use of that item to clear your mission. Keep in mind that your mission becomes more challenging as you level up. 20 levels are 20 challenges. Santa Claus is in hurry right now. Try your best to help him and after that, you can check out other fun games such as Flip Skater Idle and Zombie Mission 12.

Controls: Mouse.