Sharp Knife Cut Underwear Online GamePlay:

The knife must be insanely sharp to cut underwear. You may always use a scissor to cut the fabric items in real life. You hardly cut them using a knife. But in Sharp Knife Cut Underwear Online at friv free Games, you are equipped with a sharp knife or sword. Now you can chop up all underwear into thousands of pieces. This game is a great choice for those who want to find an effective way to relieve stress or anger without hurting anyone or breaking anything around.

Based on cutting fruit game, you have all the signature features in this game. A bundle of underwear is thrown from the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to cut as many underwears as you can and avoid bombs. Try to get a high score and break it in the next time. You have 3 lives. This means you can touch the bomb less than 3 times. Besides, it’s ok if you let some intact underwear falls down, you won’t lose any points or so on.

It’s better to play slowly to avoid all bombs than crazily hack and slash on http://friv.land. However, just play in the way you like to enjoy fully this game. Make as many combos as possible to earn extra points by cutting several underwears at once. Your final score will improve a lot. What is the highest score you can get? Relax and feel great after cutting tons of underwear, then move to other fun games such as Zen Block and Perfect Turn.

How to play: Tap or slick to cut underwear.

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