Soccer Kid vs Huggy GamePlay:

Soccer Kid vs Huggy is a fun soccer game at friv for school in which you will team up with a kid to win over Huggy Wuggy in several soccer matches. However, you will find it different from other soccer games that you may have played. In those games, your main goal is to score as many as possible, right? By scoring, you will win the match. However, here, you have a different goal to achieve in each match.

Some matches require you get as many scores as possible. Some matches require you to shoot at Huggy Wuggy to make him fall. In other levels, you have to shoot the ball through a ring. How many matches can you win? Don’t worry about being failed. It’s because you don’t have to restart that level. Instead, you have the option to try the next level. You have 5 balls to shoot at each level. Let’s see how many times will you succeed and how many times will you fail.

Here at https://friv.land/, you won’t get help from anything. It’s all up to you to aim and shoot the ball. Plan your move to fool Huggy Wuggy and outsmart him. He is a strong opponent, then, it’s not easy to beat him. You may lose several times in a row. There is no limited time; therefore, take your time to aim and lock the target to shoot the ball at that. Stay focused and nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.

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How to play: Mouse.