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Sofia Easter Day Preparation welcomes you to a magical kingdom in Friv.land. Sofia loves Easter holiday. Her ambition is to organize a great party in that day. Take a bath for the rabbit and decorate chocolate eggs. Sofia Easter Day Preparation game exhilarates players on unblock friv. How about holding an event?


Sofia Easter Day Preparation free game makes you feel so high. You help princess Sofia to prepare for Easter day. Sofia is a little royal girl in the happy kingdom.  Easter day is coming. She wants to prepare well for it. How many things do need to be done? There are two main things at unblock friv game which are washing the rabbit and adorning sweet eggs. 


The rabbit is a friend of Sofia. It is a cute bunny with gray fur. It smells and gets dirty, so it needs taking a bath. Some green leaves stick to its fur. Use a clip to remove them. Use a toothbrush to clean its teeth. Kill bacteria in its ears. Pour water on the rabbit. Use soap to make bubbles and massage. Wash again in unblock friv player game. Water in the basin is full. Open the manhole so that water flows away. Tap its fur dry with an orange towel. Comb the hair neatly. Spray perfume on the bunny. 


Next, decorate the party. Choose a nice basket. We have many designs and materials for baskets. They are elegant. Put bright colorful flowers into baskets. You can puck red roses, white roses, pink roses, tulips, carnation, and jasmine. Put four eggs in the basket. Select colors for eggs on unblock friv online 2018. The eggs are violet, green, orange, blue, red, pink, and yellow. Draw patterns on Easters eggs. The patterns are flowers, leaves, dots, stripes, waves, and lozenges. Garnish them beautifully. 


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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