Squid Soccer Game GamePlay:

Fasten shoelaces, warm-up, and get ready for the soccer match in Squid Soccer Game – the latest sports game at friv Games to play. There is a Squid word in its name but its gameplay has nothing related to Squid Game movies. It’s all about soccer. Here, you are a goalkeeper and your ultimate objective is to prevent the opposing team from scoring. In this simple version of soccer, you don’t have to dribble or pass the soccer ball or jump and dive for the ball at all.

You just need to move to the left and right to catch the ball. Your hand-eye coordination is put to a test. You have to observe the object coming to you. It can be a soccer ball and it can be a bottle. If the bottle hits you, the match ends. You have to dodge the bottle. Just focus on catching the ball. As mentioned above, you don’t need many skills to win this game. You just need good hand-eye coordination.

Here at https://friv.land/, your Squid Goalkeeper will return to the center position after an action. This can make you confused because you may not be ready for the next action. Each time you succeed in blocking the ball, you earn 10 points and when the bar on the left side is filled, you get coins. You have 3 different characters to choose from and all of them are the same in terms of skills.

Let’s see how many times you protect your goal successfully. You can challenge your friend to see who is the best goalkeeper. Have a nice time and we have some of the best suggestions for you to check out: Sprint Runner and Retro Kick Boxing.

Controls: Mouse to control your character.