Stickman Archer Online GamePlay:

Simple, fun, addictive and challenging, those words are used to describe Stickman Archer Online - a cool archery game that you can enjoy for free at friv kids Games. It’s not a hunting game where you go to the forest and hunt wild animals. At here, you will compete against one opponent with your bow and arrows. Use your bow to shoot opponent as many times as you can until he dies.

However, the winner is unpredictable because the one with zero health will die. To defeat your opponent before they kill you, you must aim and shoot at their head. It’s difficult but your opponent will die with only one headshot while shooting at other body parts just make them lose some drops of blood. After every killed, you meet a new enemy. And this process keeps going because your main objective here is to kill as many enemies and get as many points as you can.

On http://friv.land, you can’t buy new characters or upgrade your bow. Your performance all depends on your skills. Besides, you must be fast. Shoot many times to gain more chance to win. If the first shot words, you depend on it to make the second shot.

Each new enemy stands in different positions and you try to estimate the distance to have the best shots. Each killed to give you 1 point. How many points can you get in this game? Check it out. Furthermore, there are so many choices for you to explore here. For example, you can play World Craft 2 and Gobble Dash.

Controls: Drag and drop with your fingers or mouse to shoot.

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