Super Mario Jump Run GamePlay:

How many versions of Super Mario game have you played? It’s uncountable, isn’t it? Now, you can add to that list a new option named Super Mario Jump Run. This Friv com play game will bring you something different from the options you have tried before. It’s not just about breaking bricks, eating mushrooms, and saving the princess, but also escaping from a black monster. Here, you play as Super Mario and that monster is chasing you.

Let’s run and jump your way through all obstacles to the finish line to escape from that monster. You don’t have time to rest. If you stop, the monster will catch you and swallow you. That’s why your moves need to be done quickly and accurately. Timing your jump is important. You can die because of several reasons such as being eaten by the monsters, falling into the bottomless gaps, crashing into an enemy, and so on.

Here at https://friv.land/, you have only one life and you won’t gain extra lives. You can’t defeat the monster behind you but you can kill small enemies like turtles by jumping on them. Don’t forget to break the bricks with your head to gain scores and don’t forget to collect coins as well. There are 5 levels in total and you start the game with level 1. When you finish the current level, the next one will be unlocked. What is waiting for you in the second, third, fourth, and fifth levels? Only by playing can you discover it.

Remember that nothing can stop that face from chasing you. The only way to keep your life safe is to keep running. Have fun and the following options are something you don’t want to miss It's Playtime They Are Coming and Supermarket Simulator.

How to play: Arrow keys.

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