Super Martin Princess In Trouble GamePlay:

You can find a lot of games that have the same gameplay as Super Mario at Friv games and Super Martin Princess In Trouble is one of them. In this latest addition, your mission is to help Super Martin rescue a princess who is kidnapped by monsters. This mission is hard to complete but not impossible. Martin has to run and jump through a series of obstacles and enemies before he can reach the castle. You and Martin need to be ready all the time because you guys will face something insanely dangerous. Martin has 5 lives for his adventure. Each time Martin hits an obstacle touches an enemy or falls into the gap, he loses one life. And when he runs out of lives, both of you will have to go back to level 1 and start over. That’s why you should be careful and watch out for all dangers while moving ahead. There are two ways to deal with enemies. Firstly, you can jump over them. Secondly, you can jump on their heads to kill them. Once you reach the castle, the level is clear and you can move to the next one. Like in the popular title that you may have played before, Martin can break the bricks by his head and he will collect coins from doing that. And you can collect coins while running forward. In this game, coins give you extra points instead of being used to buy something helpful. As you progress, the mission becomes harder and harder to complete but with the experience, you have gained, you are sure to conquer all challenges. Are you confident? Have a safe journey and don’t forget that tons of games are waiting for you here. Some of them are Nanychan vs Ghosts and Helle Bot 2.

Instructions: Left/right arrow keys to move and Space to jump.

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