Super Raccoon World GamePlay:

Super Raccoon World is an enjoyable adventure game that keeps you hooked after you play the first level. It’s about raccoon brothers who need your help to collect corns. Here at friv free online Games, let’s work and have fun at the same time. This is a game for 2 players. Then you can invite one of your friends to play game with you or you can control both characters by yourself although it’s hard.

There are 14 levels and each level requires you to collect a certain number of corns. You have to go around, find and collect the required number of coins. After that, head to the big tree to finish the current level and get ready for the new one. However, this world looks nice but dangerous. You may face many traps and enemies. Once you touch one of them, you lose a life. Each raccoon has 3 lives and when a raccoon dies, your journey ends. However, don’t worry because you can get extra lives during the adventure.

On friv 5, stay away from chickens and scorpions. They look friendly but they will harm raccoons. Kill them when you have a chance. A raccoon can shoot enemies and others can shoot enemies from a distance and the other one can kick enemies at close range. There are some checkpoints and when you pass a checkpoint, you can respawn at that point when both raccoons die instead of starting from the beginning.

Corns are inside the boxes. You have to break those boxes to get corn. Enjoy your time and make sure you check out other options such as Hungry SquirrelSnowboard Girl and Monkey Swing.


Player 1 uses WASD to move, F to hit/shoot.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, L to hit/shoot.

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