Sweet Baby Mermaid Life GamePlay:

Merboy Justin is a denizen of The Cold Sea. It can get chilly here, but the local wildlife is extremely friendly! Advise flamingo parents in trying to plan a celebration for their adorable slightly overweight baby! Accessorize the room with balloons but rather accessories and prepare a cake. Baby penguin is overjoyed now! A animals is selling colorful desserts! At Frivland, choose between a variety of flavors, croutons, and sprinkles! Yummy! Oh “ sorry! Justin's pet seahorse vanished! Can you help in locating it in the coastal areas?

Dig down through into magical underground world and discover the secret lives of two adorable mythical creatures and a merboy! Take fun games with adorable killer whales, exotic fish, crabs, and other tropical fish as you explore the ocean! Wear dresses, style, cook, and hygienic the ocean of nasty trash!

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Controls: Mouse

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