Water Surfer Car Stunt GamePlay:

Water Surfer Car Stunt is one of the latest games that you can play for free at friv games 2023. It’s a driving game in which you will drive your supercar on the water. 4 wheels have been taken away and your car can surf on the water like a canoe. So, your ultimate goal here is to drive your car to the finish area and collect at least 1 star. That is what you have to do to clear a level.

You drive your car on a track full of water floating in the air instead of the ocean. You have to be careful to avoid driving out of the track. If you fall off the track, you have to restart that level. While surfing your car, don’t forget to collect coins. Coins are used to purchase new cars. However, these cars are the same.

They don’t have anything special to help you earn more or clear the mission easier but it’s cool to drive a new car to conquer a new challenge, isn’t it? Here at https://friv.land/, you will have a chance to show off your driving skills by doing stunts. Speed up to jump over the gap. You have to drive at high speed all the time to pass the gap.

If you fail, playing once over again is what you have to do next. The first level is easy and you won't have to use too much of your skills. However, the first level is simple doesn’t mean the second level and the later levels are easy as well. Be well-prepared for the next challenges here and in other games such as Dragon City Destroyer and My Pou Virtual Pet.

How to play: Mouse or WASD.

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