Zombie Choppa GamePlay:

Zombie Choppa is a creepy action game at Friv.land. Many people are in danger. Your responsibility is saving them. You use a chopper to rescue them. Survivors must leave the city before zombies take their life away. You also drive a helicopter to help victims. Zombie Choppa game is a survival skirmish in friv games for kids.


Zombie Choppa free game is a perilous combat. The zombie apocalypse has begun. Human beings are being attacked. You must rise up as a hero to save them. You are a soldier or an aircraft driver. You drive it and use choppers to kill zombies on friv games for kids 2018. Your aircraft is very modern and multi-functional. It is really ultimate. 


You have to control the plane flexibly and cleverly. The plane starts off from a terrace. You fly to buildings and villages to pick up people and bring them to safe places. Undeads can grab and try to enter your plane. Stop them right now. You can launch electric rays to kill them. You are given points if you rescue people at friv games for kids online.


You start the combat from day 1. You fight in the daylight and at night. it is harder to fight in the darkness. you can have bonus missions like killing 100 zombies to get 100 points. Look for human and save their life before evil force murders them. Rescue everyone and destroy zombies. Health bar shows your status and you know the number of zombies you have killed. Find brains and collect them.


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  • Use the mouse to control the direction.
  • Use Space to move up.
  • Use Shift to move down.
  • Use A/D to move to the sides.
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